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Xeno's method - results after my first campaign


OK, I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent here. I thought a little more about the theory I suggested above in my last post, and I’ve moved it onto something else.

Basically, for the last two weeks I’ve been wearing a cloth clamp almost 24/7, even at night. By cloth clamp, I really just mean a strip of cloth tied off at the base. It’s tied off only just tightly enough that when flaccid I have a snug fit, and when erect I get mild pressure in my dick - a mild clamping session. Since I keep the cloth on all the time, any time I get a hardon, no matter I am, it turns into a clamp session. By keeping the cloth on when I’m flaccid I also help keep my dick a little bit expanded in this state. So the idea is, persistent small gains through constant, unrelenting but small amounts of pressure.

There seem to be two keys to getting this right. One is tying the cloth off just right, the other one is keeping yourself as horny as possible at all times. Since you’re relying on an erection to do the PE work and not your hands (jelqing) or weights (hanging), you’ve got to stay in a state where you can get regular night wood and maybe a few during the day. For me… that means I have to be horny.

So far, it’s too early to tell anything, but my dick definitely feels thicker. I think I may have an eighth of an inch in temporary girth gains (5.375 -> 5.5), but I’ll see where that goes. 2-3 times a week I also jelq and stretch, nothing too serious though, maybe 150 reps and 10 minutes stretching.

This idea came to me as a combination of my slow progression workout idea and the discussions on a thread about chemically-induced erections that lead to priapism and then growth. I forget the title of the thread right now, I’ll dig it up for you guys though.

HEre it is guys, check this thread out in case you haven’t already… “Does high flow priapism increase penile size?”


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