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Babbis, you started a good thread. I personally have tried many other forums and have never had much interest in any of them. And frankly, although I came here to learn about PE, PE is just a very small part of what keeps me here.

Your post should probably be made sticky somewhere, so we could use it as a reference for all those people who complain about grammar rules.

As far as people who are more rude via Internet than face to face, I remember coming to that conclusion within the first few emails I ever read, when the company I worked for first introduced the Internet to us. In this case however, we knew each other. The biggest “email asshole” we had was a guy who was very quiet and kept to himself in person, but on email he was as rude and obnoxious as they come. Of course this was the early days of Internet, and we have all learned something about e-communication since then. Well, not all of us.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I must admit that I have called people some pretty nasty things when I used to play online poker, about two years ago. The funny thing is, even though I have felt my blood boil because someone hit the two outer on river against me for the third time in a row in a live game, I never loose my temper. Had it been online, well, things would probably have gotten ugly real fast..

This place has made me more aware of these things and I try to think things more through now.

Nice link twatteaser!


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