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Guys I don’t know what to do about my unit. I started out at about 5.5(NBP) by 5.5. I assumed that as the gains came I would move ahead in length so my girth wouldn’t be so dominate. I was wrong. Last night I measured 4 different times. My length was 5 7/8” (NBP) by 6 1/4”. It looks like I can pack on the girth easy but length is tough for me to get. I want to slow down on picking up girth so I won’t end up at 6” x 7”. besides hanging is there another move you guys know that will give me length? My routine has been 10 minutes of hard slow jelqing 6 days on, 1 off. Even though my girth is huge according to the opinions of the board, it somehow makes me look shorter than I am!

Dammit, you suck Vegetagd :cuss: Girth is what I need and can’t get. Now you’re telling me you’re getting too much…..damn you. How about sending some over here…LOL.

Seriously, congrats on the length gains to start with. And your girth is amazing. You might get more length from concentrating on stretches rather than jelqing. It sounds like you don’t want to hang, but that could be the other option. I reckon you should spend those ten minutes doing stretches.

Maybe give yourself another rest day also? Maybe you need another day to help cement some length gains. Is it possible the girth is part swelling, or is it consistent even after taking a few days off?

Hey Vege

Congratulations!!!! I’ll take your girth. So will the women. What exactly are you doing on your slow jelqs? Be happy dude!

congrats on the gains!!! maybe you should try the BIB hanger… I just started using mine… it’s very confortable and easy to use… I can get it on and off in about 20 seconds… from what I hear it’s the best way to get length… I’m already feeling the fatigue in the lengths and flaccid gains have immediately appeared… you could also try v-stretches if you are uncomfortable with hanging… just my two cents

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"


Girth is king, most guys can’t add it or it takes a real long time.
When I first started I made fast early girth gains but now I’m working for every little dick hair of a gain!
My length gains stopped when I started jelqing with a full erection
and started doing mostly squeezes. I have gotten really good flaccid girth gains with the squeezes. I have started to do more plain old jelqing I seemed to get more length gain with them and I want to reach my goal of 8 inches asap. Be Happy.


Girth gain

I think from everything I have read regarding penis enlargement over the last two years that for some reason girth comes first, then length. Mine gained a lot in girth over one inch around. It seems like the length didnt start to happen till after about 6 or 7 months. Here again, since all guys are different I think that the gains show up in different ways. It may be that you will always be thicker around in inches than length in inches. That is not so bad for the lady in your life. But I think over time with stretching and jelqing you should be able to get more length, but that is no guarantee that you won’t get more girth. It might just be the way your penis grows and reacts to the exercises. Bottom line is any gain is good and proves that the exercises work and the doctors are wrong.

Thanks fellas for all the input!

The truth of the matter is that I want to hang(I do have both Bib hangers) but avoid doing so for one reason. I’m so busy that I’m not consitent with it. The traditional method of thinking would be, every little bit counts. After reading about the nature of hanging though, I’m afraid that if I go one day and hang 6 sets and don’t get a chance to hang again for a while, my ligs will actually get tougher to stretch next time. That’s what worries me. So until I can commit, hanging is OOTQ.
All I’ve been doing is 10 minutes of full erect jelqing a day. I think Thermo really had something when he posted about low time, high intensity. I think I’m gonna get some baby powder and start manual stretching alot. I’ll keep you guys posted.


Just to repeat when I went to all erect jelqing and squeezing all length gains stopped. Fully erect PE is for girth. You might want to go with regular jelqing while your pulling on each stroke to get the stretch. Only my 2 cents for what it’s worth.


dino775 you are right on

In order to get length you have to have some flaccidity in your penis to stretch it while jelqing, otherwise all of the work does go to girth. I do it both ways. It is hard to keep 50 to 60% erect though, takes a lot of focus and patience to do it. But if you do not stretch while jelq there will be no length gain. And that is my 2¢ worth as well!

all this talk about streches and stuff doesnt the power jelq do the job all in one , or can it?

Length response

Different exercises work differently on different men. You have to find your groove and stick with it. In other words, see what is working for you. It is a lot of experimentation.

how do you do a fully erect jelq? Can someone explain in detail on this..

That is the problemn though…….when I do full erect jelqing, I can feel something…….a stretch. When I’m 60 -80 percent, I ? wether I’m doing anything. Give me some feedback….what type of feeling do you get when you jelq at about 60-80? does the head feel pressure, do you feel the expansion?

Hey Veg- I was thinking about this myself too: the difference between erect jelqing & jelqing @ 60-80%…In my experience, there is more pressure when I jelq erect, but if it’s your length your working on, I think you should give more thought to jelqing @ 60-80% hard. I get more of a s t r e t c h that way for sure…I do try to kegel hard with every or every other slow stroke to keep the pressure on the head ( so I’m handling a King Cobra with a flared head, not some little garter snake! ). This has been my experience for what it’s worth…hope you find it helpful. Keep it up & don’t get down on your progress…

If you can’t hang! Then try a power-jelq. It would seem to really help you out. Then try and get some free time to hang. I assume you live with someone, so that really hampers you. Look at multi-tasking. Getting two or more things done when you hang. I for one when I get my bib will hang, wear an ab belt and read for this pain in the dick world lit class I have now in college. Use your time efffectivly! TT

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