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I envy your girth, be happy!


You still getting girth gains any length gains?


In my experience, I recently started jelqing alot harder and doing it with a greater erection. I generally get a semi (50-70%) then I kegal to get more blood in the shaft and head. Then I pinch off hard, and I do slow, hard jelqs. (usually 5 to 8 secs). I try to do this for 10 to 20 minutes. Recently I started do horses and I toned down on the jelq time. Shortly after I started the horses I measured and in a month I have gained 1/8 of an inch in circum. girth. I don’t know whether it was because of the jelqing I did earlier in the month or because of the recent horses. So I am continuing to do both, but after I do horses my dick feels really sore, so I am only do those every other day. I typically try to do 5 on 2 off (week/weekend). However I sometimes take a rest day during the week if my dick is really sore. I have been getting the little red spots, so I know I am doing it hard enough. Sometime though I do get bruises so I guess that is when I do it too hard. Anyway, I wanted to say that and I wanted to see if anyone had any tips. Thanks in advance


As has been said by many with experience, you need to give your penis time to get used to the exercises before you start doing all sorts of squeezes and such. Jelq for a few months, then slowly start adding things in. What’s better—a battered bruised dick that looks ugly, or taking a little longer to get where you want to go?

Most of the guys who do some of the crazy intense routines have that base built up…build the base, then build the house.

Crap, this was supposed to go under a thread about some guy asking about girth. My bad.


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