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wrong kegels and hemeroides

wrong kegels and hemeroides

the thing is, now when I’m into PE I talk to it with my fiends, and one told me he knew for the kegels (not for the name) and has been doing it the wrong way (squeezing anus with BC or PC, whatever) so he solved his problem with hemeroides (the bood plugs on your anus)

anyone else reported this?

:confused: ??!!


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> solved his problem with hemeroides

He solved his problem with hemorrhoids? Can you please elaborate?

yes I can…
1st, sorry for the miss-spel

he believes it was the “wrong kegels” (anus tightening and releasing) that solved most of his problem with hemorrhoids and make it go away a significant bit

it was just a tought I wanted to share
IIRC hemorrhoids are filled with blood stuck due to reason unknown to me ;)

anyone else has any input on this

I do have a small problem and if that would do anything (can it harm???)…


Please please please re-read the Forum Guidelines.

What are IIRC hemorrhoids? Are you saying these things hang around in chat rooms?


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IIRC stands for “If I Recall Correctly”, it’s common Internet knowledge

It should’ve been:
IIRC, Hemm….etc (forgot the comma)

sorry for any misunderstanding

Originally posted by cocoal
IIRC stands for “If I Recall Correctly”, it's common Internet knowledge

So is LOL

Hey cocoal,

Obviously you have been around the internet awhile. How about giving the Forum Guidelines another read? Your shift seems to work, as well as your puntuation keys, so can we look forward to their correct use in the future?? :)

Spell Check is multiple choice on most words also.

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promise ;)

(this was a good topic,tough…)

I’ve re-read this thread a few times and now I’m gonna go and bang my head against a brick wall for a while. lol.


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