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Write a Book

Write a Book

Guys anyone of the vets as ever consider it writing a book?? Like “the multiple orgasmic man” there’s a lot of material here, like the Sparkyx PI or the Bib story?

Big Girtha is currently writing a book on PE.

Really?? There any threads where the guys discuss this?

Originally Posted by ManhattanXL

Big Girtha is currently writing a book on PE.

That makes me sad in pants.

I think remek might also write a book about P.E.

Originally Posted by penflex
That makes me sad in pants.

That also makes him sad with ants.
Perhaps a hooker will help you through,
But if not, I’m sure two of them will do.
Watch out though, because even if they’re hot,
You may wind up needing a Penicillin shot.

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Cutting and pasting from here to your word processor for a few days should do it. But beware of Thunder’s Wrath ;-)

LMAO !!! Thunder should write a book too.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Too much like work.

Have twatteaser ghost write it for you then. :D


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