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Wrapping: Using Heat and Cold

Wrapping: Using Heat and Cold

Let’s say you use an ace bandage, or some other material, to wrap your penis in order to keep it in an elongated state. You start from behind the glans and continue downward.

What would be the effects of using heat at first, but then cooling down with something cool afterwards? Your penis is still forced in an elongated stretch, so having it be cooled down and losing that stretch would not be a problem. Furthermore, there is also some speculation on the effect of cold temperature to sort of “freeze” a stretch if you will.

Another interesting question is, could cooling your penis in a forced elongated stretch help eliminate shrinking? If your penis is not allowed to get smaller when a cold element is brought in, couldn’t that theoretically mean that it would eliminate, or at least reduce, the shrinking that occurs when your penis gets cold and there isn’t any wrapping?


That is an interesting idea, but not unheard of.

I tried in one of my routines cooling down after a workout - I would let a stream of cold water over my streched dick for a few minutes. And let me tell you - no significant difference except it’s not at all nice:)

Thanks for the reply Chicken!

Yeah, I wouldn’t do anything too cold. Plus, it would have a wrap over it still so holding something cold to it really wouldn’t hurt it that much.

I think it might be an interesting thing to try. I especially think it would help combat shrinking.

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