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Wrapping question

Wrapping question

OK I try to wrap after a work out and use first aid cloth tape. For one it doesn’t really keep my dick all the way extended, my dick will still go back to a normal flaccid.

It’s not a turtle so I don’t care that much but still. Second problem is even after I do a work out, ejaculate once, twice, three times whatever, I still get hard ones soon after the wrapping and it HURTS!

What exactly are you guys using that is strong enough to keep the dick fully extended yet flexible enough to not strangle your manhood when it gets erect.

Or maybe I should just forget the whole wrapping thing. Feed back would be appreciated.

Come on, anyone?

Cockring. It’s safe and I can wear it all day, but not when I sleep. Until I get new ones I am using a cut shin guard velcro strap. It seems to do the job, but I prefer the cockrings.

I was using the ACE Brand wrist wrap but now I’m using the well touted Thera-P Magnet Wraps and they are pretty soft and forgiving.

I find these to be better than my ace bandages.

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