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Would you tell your kids about PE?


Would you tell your kids about PE?

Just for the sake of being as controversial as possible, I thought I’d throw out this question. Assume your 14 year old son comes to you and cries on your shoulder, telling you how tragically upset he is about his small penis size. Would you tell him about PE?

How about if he never comes to you, but you just notice that he’s on the small side and may be upset about it. Would you try to drop a hint?

Thankfully, my sons are far too young for this concern, but someday I may have to think about it.

I realize this question is skating close to the edge of what’s appropriate on this forum. But, hey. What good are limits if you can’t skate right up to the edge of them.

I would tell everybody about pe who comes to me with the problem of having a not so big unit,especially my sons(I have no children and I don’t want to have children).So perhaps I’m the wrong person for you,but I think it’s you duty/obligation to tell it.

When he didn’t tell you that he has a problem, it’s very difficult to say,because pe is not always a blessing,it can be the hell too.

Perhaps your son is satisfied with his size and you told him about pe,he gets worried and can’t cope with it.Than he might think that he is small when he goes to this forum and talked to you.

Sometimes it’s better not to know the truth or the possibility’s.

Given the first situation you present, I would probably tell him what I have done for myself.

My son is 12 years away from being 14, so who knows the state of general PE knowledge will be by then. He must have PE in is genes though since he’s already doing manual stretches without being instructed to do so.

This topic has been discussed before, so I wouldn’t worry about the appropriateness.

Forget to mention, the age of your son is very important.I wouldn’t tell a 14 years old boy about pe.I guess in this age you can’t cope with it.With 14 years your living in a “Glücksbärchenland” or to explain it in English,14 years old boy shouldn’t care of their units,it’s to early(just my opinion).

I recommended pe only for persons over 18.That has nothing to do with the fact that the body isn’t mature or something like that,it has something to do with mental things.I don’t know how to explain me.Sometimes I think I’m to young too,and I’m 21 years old.

Someday when I am a father and have sons I will probably tell them about PE even if they don’t have concerns of lacking in their Johnson. I might even go as far as have a PE journal written up that I just mistakingly left out. Or in this day and age of computers, just leave a few files/folders on the windows desktop that I just forgot to move or delete.

If my father would of lived long enough and knew of PE if he didn’t already know, he was a very knowledgeable man and very versed in the human body. He would of probably showed me or at least told me about PE and probably had some sort of journal written up to pass on to me.

So I could only do what my father would of probably done for me, for my sons when I am blessed to have sons some day, and that is pass on my knowledge to them as he would of to me.

I’m not a father, and lost my father to circumstance when I was 7, so what the heck do I know!

At 14? Probably not under any circumstances. I can’t imagine a 14 year old being mature enough to understand the implications. The last thing I want is a cocky 16 year old impregnating every girl in sight and catching who knows what disesases.

In the first situation I’d try to make him feel better by telling him that he had a few more years of growing to do and that we would talk about it in a few years. I’d let him know that there might be hope, but encourage him to wait. If he came back at 18 and was still upset, I’d probably tell him about it, give him gigantic warnings about overtraining, and point him to Thunders. It would be done in an encouraging but non-pressuring way and we’d have a big talk about respecting women and respecting yourself.

In the second situation, assuming he was 18, if he was small, but not worried about it, I’d figure he was either a grower or was more accepting of himself than most people. I’d have to wonder if he just didn’t want to talk about it, though. It might be tempting to put some information where he’d find it, but I’d worry about making him feel insecure.

Disclaimer: I’m not a father, probably never will be, and lost my father to circumstance when I was 7, so what the heck do I know!

I think I will start a father son tradition of PE and probably tell them around 16-18 all about it, aswell as the risks and dangers to make sure they are careful about it, or maybe teach them simple stretches and light jelqing earlier than that. I don’t know, I’m only 23 and don’t plan on being a father anytime soon.

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I would certainly reassure my 14 year old that he still had growing to do. If that didnt work, I would tell him in small doses what could be done. Since I think most guys, not just boys would like that more is better and more than likely overdue it with extreme Uli’s, pumping, hanging, etc. But I probably would share info on jelqing to some extent.

Why would I want my kid to go thru the same trauma I had growing up and into adulthood?

I think I would try to approach it like you do sex education. At certain ages you inform about certain things and keep uping the information along with their maturity.

Just my two cents.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

When that time comes, I’m only 21 and not even really thinking about it yet, but when my kid is around 16-18 I think I would just have a way to show him about Thunders if it’s still around then but without me doing it, leave it up on the computer screen or drop hints about it allowing him to figure it out on his own, If it was really a concern to him then I think he would be doing the same thing all of us are doing, research routines and start up on there own PE adventure.

I can see we’ve already covered this ground. Thanks for the links, West. I appreciate everyone’s opinions above.

I started having anxiety about my penis size at around age 10 or 11—maybe younger. I remember not wanting to join little league because I was too ashamed someone might see me naked!

To make matters worse, my father was not the kind of guy one could talk to about this stuff. I’m pretty sure he would have made me feel ashamed for even thinking about penis size. And my mother was a whole different story …

I have two beautiful sons. They are not at all neurotic (as I was at their ages). They do not view me as an angry authority figure (as I viewed my father). If they ever start going through what I went through, I will not hesitate to give them age appropriate advice about PE.

That’s my 2 cents.

I am a father and I will be telling my son about PE when he is old enough. He has obviously inherited my size. It is very obvious even at four years of age, especially when compared to his three year old cousins who have a better flaccid hang that I did pre-PE!

I agree with with Redwood and 789. That is the way I would handle it.

My son is in his 30s now and being nude in front of each other was never a problem.

I noticed he was smaller then me but never had any problems with girls. So I feel that

size doesn’t matter with him as long he can make them happy and he is able to get off.

He is so busy with work and sports and girls now and I will sit with him and talk as we

often do and tell him about PE, but that won’t happen for another 5 yrs. So he could use PE

to keep it healthy as he gets older. Its great that we can talk openly and he knows that he is not

only my son but my best friend as well.

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Originally Posted by MDC
He must have PE in is genes though since he’s already doing manual stretches without being instructed to do so.

When our son was 2 he was laying on the couch and having discovered himself, he was tugging away. My wife looked and asked, “When will he ever stop doing that?” To which I replied, “I don’t know. You’ll have to ask someone older than me.”


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I’ll just send him links to thunders and make sure he listens to the Tom Leykis show.

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