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Would you find it interesting if....

Would you find it interesting if....

… if you stumbled on to a fellow Thunder’s forum member by noticing that you guys have the Thunder’s t-shirts.

Would you give each other high fives or be embarrased?

I just found it pretty hilarious.

My first reaction would be to develop some kind of lingo like a “Thunder’s sign” like a simple nod and just smile LOL.

or we can do the Budweiser “WAZZZAAAAAAP!!”.

Depends on the situation, maybe the ok jelq sign

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Unless you’re in Latin or South America, then you’ll get your ass kicked. :D

Originally posted by stevie31
Unless you're in Latin or South America, then you'll get your ass kicked. :D

That is so true!

The OK sign means asshole in some parts of the world. As for seeing a fellow Thunderite I’d probably just say something cheesy like maybe, “Jelq on!”

<------- You likey?

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…. Yeah, I don’t know if I’d be willing to do a crazy handshake and engage in PE talk on a crowded bus ….


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