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Would 3 months of stretching see length gains?

Would 3 months of stretching see length gains?

I have been stretching properly for 6 weeks and so far I have seen no gains. I stretch for 25 mins- 2days on 1 day off. I know P.E is a marathon not a sprint but would another 6 weeks see any gains because I really would be encouraged by additional length. My LOT is 7-8. Any advice? I also jelq 2days on 1 day off.

I believe it would.

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Certainly for length stretching is the way to go!

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Keep going. If this is your newbie routine, you should definitely see gains after several months




Do you stretch both the ligaments and the tunica? As far as I know stretching the tunica should be your primary goal when you have a low LOT.

I stretch in all directions John, what do you think is best?

If you want to stretch the tunica, I believe it’s best to perform an upward stretch, for example, sit on a chair and grab your penis and pull it towards the ceiling (applying a reasonable amount of stress). I can also recommend the inverted V-stretch for stretching the tunica.

maybe you should add some jelqs in countdown… some do see some gains after 6 weeks

Goal: more consistency, some self-confidence from this area

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You should start BTC stretching, way better then manual.

Huge, did you read my latest thread asking about BTC stetching or are you a mind reader buddy? Lol, yeah I really like BTC What is your experience with these sort of stretches and have you seen any gains? thanks bro.

As far as I know, BTC stretches only stretch the ligs, and if you want length gains (and you have a low LOT), the tunica should be the first thing to stretch.. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Is 7-8 LOT not more medium than low?

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