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worrying loss of girth??

worrying loss of girth??

I was just perusing everyone’s gains on the PE data site when I noticed something a tad worrying. Iwant8x6 while making some gains in length had these stats for girth.

2002 01 = 4.5”

2002 09 = 4.37”

That’s a loss!!

Why is this? Has anyone heard of such a thing happening?? Of course there is the chance that it was just a typo-lets hope.

keeep going!

Hey dongers,

Did you find the newbie forum yet ? ;)

Iwant8x6 only posted 2 measurements (so far) and first measurements are often inacurate. Hell, my measurements show a length loss :)

Somedays you’ll just get better erections than others. No matter how many measurements you take it will be smaller. If you get a length growth spurt it may be that this is down to good ligament stretching and that the meat is lagging.

People tend to focus on length first and worry about girth later. I don’t think this is something you should worry about, overly. If the general experience here was a loss of girth you’d see that posted on sizes site.

Check out a few threads on measurement techniques. Try to do you measuring at the end of a 2 day break (easy if you do a 5/2 routine) and keep the environment pre measurement as controlled as possible (e.g. don’t have a hot bath before taking a measurement and think you’ve grown substantialy).

Originally posted by memento

Somedays you'll just get better erections than others.

Exactly. The difference between a diamond cutter erection and a regular erection can be worth 1/8 and some change.

try this

Yeah, and try 2 or 3 strong kegels before measuring, and you’ll probably see how much your measurements can vary…:)


Measurements definitely vary. I know that my measurement by myself is nowhere a measurement with a girl…


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Goals: 8' NBPEL, 6' EG, 21' NBPSFL

Originally posted by SuperStroker

Exactly. The difference between a diamond cutter erection and a regular erection can be worth 1/8 and some change.

I agree, I can vary anywhere up to .25”. I always round off to the lower .25” in order to keep somewhat consistant or above the sudden shock of losing some girth. If I am measuring 6.69 I call it 6.5 this helps with the girth loss scare.

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