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Working out when tired down ther?

Working out when tired down ther?

Hi guys!

I was wondering one thing…?
Lets say you have planned to get along with a routine, (5days on 2days off…)

Do you then workout your penis, lets say day 2 or 3 if you feel it hasn`t revovered 100%

To me my penis feels hard on the sides when im overtrained, how about you??
Whats your signs when you feel overtrained?

Thanks and good luck with your progresses!

I don’t understand what you are saying here.

Hard how? If you have an erection, it should be hard on the sides. If you don’t, is it still hard on the sides but not elsewhere? (I assume you mean on the shaft.)



To Avocet8

Yes Avocet8!

I ment the “shaft”

Mine feels thinner in the flaccid state, and the shaft feels retracted and hard( not hard because of arousal), just downbrokenhard….

Its hard to explain, hope you`ll understand something of what i meen.

Easiest ways for me to tell if I’d overtrained when I first started this were:

Erections that used to be easy to get were more difficult to get going.

Any kind of small ache or pain that lasted more than the day of the workout.

I haven’t had any - I’ve always worked up very slowly over time to the maximum in any exercise - but others report that discolorations, abrasions, etc are sure signs you need to back off for awhile.

A lot of guys say it here but it makes perfect sense: you have to learn to listen to your cock. What you want to do - a longer session, more strenuous exercise? - may not be best for the unit.




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