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Working out the Base

Working out the Base

I feel that the base of my dick needs some work, I’d like to see it get a bit thicker. From normal jelqing, DLD bends and other girth exercises, I noticed that it is hard to completely involve the base of the penis and it usually gets left out. I think Stretching and Kegeling helps, but I need more insurance on that and I’m wondering if theres a specific exercise for the base. If you can help, help. Thanks

Hanging is great for base girth :D

I’m not too too much of a girth expert but I’m sure you’ll find some useful information bruiser 180’s. VERY DANGEROUS but a lot of guys got great results from it. If you’re not 6 months or more into PE, don’t even consider this exercise, ok?

A-stretches have been reported to help, a lot of guys say pumping is great for base girth. If you have any other questions, just ask. Cheers. :gulp:

Thanks a lot, at the current moment I’m too tired to check it out, so I’ll just check it out tomorrow, and damn, I wish I had a hanger.

You can make one on the cheap. Most of the hangers on Mr.Hubbard’s site will run you less than $10, and the Captain’s Wench can be built for coins you’ll find between the seat cushions.

Can you link me to Mr. Hubbard’s site and to the description of the Captain’s Wench??


Tom Hubbard’s site is linked at the bottom of every page. Click on the words “Tom Hubbard’s Penis Workshop”

Here’s the wench. There’s also a version in the articles forum without any of the “questions, suggestions and attaboys” in it. Don’t be afraid to use the search feature, located in the top right corner of every page :D

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