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Wooohooo awesome 8


Wooohooo awesome 8

Firstly, I would like to thank the boss for this great site. Thanks Thunder.

Secondly, I would like to thank all the valuable members here at Thunders who have freely shared their hard earned expertise, thank you.

Thirdly, Woooohooooo, I have reached my second goal of 8” BPEL. It has taken me about three years. In the beginning I never thought that it would be possible, but now, here I am. However, my girth at present is 5.25” EG. I have not had a lot of success here. I find that enlarging girth is very difficult for me. Maybe I will start clamping soon.

I would like to share my PE history with you, and hopefully this will prove to be of some help and encouragement to newbies and established PE’rs alike.

The Beginning.
I discovered PE by accident about three years ago. I was always conscious of the size of my penis I used to be 5.5” BPEL and have an EG of 4.75”. At that time, like many, I thought that the average penis size was 7” erect, and hence I felt that I was way below average. I used to wake up in the mornings, grab my penis head and pull it straight out. I did this out of frustration I never really believed that my penis would become longer, but I hoped. After all, the doctors and experts had told us that the only way to enlarge your penis was by having surgery. Anyway, I did this for a few weeks before I noticed that my penis seemed to be bigger, but thought to my self that this can’t be right. So out with the measuring tape, and I was in for a pleasant surprise, my penis was now 6” long….I had discovered PE.

The First Year
I carried on like this, on and off, for a few more months and was in shock as I saw my penis grow little by little, I than began to research Penis enlargement on the net, but all I could find at the beginning was pay sites. I than did a search on a popular peer-to-peer network and found my first official PE manual. This was the first time that I was introduced to jelqing, and from here on jelqing became my main method of exercise. By the end of the first year I had made a gain of about 1”EL. I couldn’t believe it, I was now 6.5” BPEL.

The Second Year
At this stage I had become more informed about the penis and its anatomy. I was also aware that the average length of an erect penis is 5.5-6”. Now I was not satisfied being just above average and had set my goal of having a 7” penis. So in that endeavour I carried on like before, jelqing on and off. 9 months into the second year I was packing a 7.25” cock. I felt awesome… felt awesome. I had reached my target, there was no more need for further PE….or so I thought.

The Third Year
After 5 months of no PE. I decide that I would ultimately like to have the much coveted 9 incher. So I was back to active PE full time, but this time I had access to a whole library of information on PE. That library is Thunders Place. There was so much to read and learn. This time I set my second goal at 8”. I started back with jelqing and made the usual gains a few months later I was at 7.5 “. But here is when things changed, because for the next 5 months I made no gains at all. I stepped up my intensity and also added a morning routine, thus working out twice a day. But no matter what I did I made very little gains, 0.25” in 6 months. I than started to put together various info that I had read and gleaned from this wonderful site (I will cover these changes in a separate post, as I feel that it can help a lot of the hard gainers). After making these changes to my routine, the gains came very fast within two weeks I made a gain of 0.25” and reached my second goal of 8”. A total gain of 2.5” in about three years.

What Now?
So….now its onwards and upwards towards that 9 incher. Hopefully by July.

So, once again thank you Thunders and its members.

Excellent work! Congratulations. From 5.5 to 8.0 is fantastic. Good luck on your way to 9.0

Great Job. I almost teared when i first read that you pulled your dick out of frustration. Seriously, I’ll be the first to admit that i can be a lil sensitive sometimes, LOL hey the ladies like it. Anywho, I don’t really know you but i’m proud of you man. Good work. I know the feelings and frustrations that you get when you feel you have a “small” penis, you feel like someone just completely short changed you throughout life. Keep it up and you’ll definitely get what you deserve my man.

Take Care,


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You give me great hope guys

Thanks so much for posting these gains. It gives a noob like me allot of hope

Nice work 7of9!

Good post. Hope to get there myself about 14 months from now.

Congratulations, 7of9!

"Debate the idea..."

Nice gains! Hope you reach your final goal, whatever it ends up being ;)

8 nbp| x |5.8"

Stats|:mwink: |Pics!

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Yeah, yeah, sure! C’mon man, everybody knows PE doesn’t work :mwink: !


Ps-Have you had a chance to take it for a spin with any old flames? How I would have loved to see their faces on first entry!

I’ve got a couple of occasionals that I haven’ seen in a good bit- I’m going to wait until I hit 8*6 before I try to get them back into the loop- and slip it to them sight unseen :eek:

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Thanks has been quite a journey. If I can do it…anyone can do it.

Sorry Andro…haven’t bumped into any ex’s :) …. how did you get on with the lymph vessel blockage?

I believe the PE code states that when you reach 8, you buy the house a round of drinks. :)

Originally Posted by gprent
I believe the PE code states that when you reach 8, you buy the house a round of drinks. :)

I’ll drink to that

If I ever get to 8, I’d be glad to drink to that. Very inspirational 7of9. I’m so glad I found this site.

Congrats man.

I’ve reached a plateu myself but you are giving me new hope.

Goodluck on your quest.

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Great gains and post 7->9, I look forward to your ‘separate post’.

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Great job, those are some serious gains. I just hit 8” BPEL, myself, too.

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