let me tell you a quick story:

I had a girl once, big-ass chick, and she kept telling me that nothing, and nothing under 9” will get close to her. So I thought, fuck it, and I took her out, and sure enough later on she couldn’t tell the difference. My dick was pumped, due to a great workout before, some Vahards, and the proper amount of “sleaziness” in her behavior. Anyway, it worked…;)

Today, my current GF is someone who you can go and steal horses with. No hang-ups, no baggage and sexually very open-minded, sometimes down-right nasty to the core. But…she loves my dick and you can imagine what kind of a booster that is.

So keep at it. Your wifey will get crazier and crazier……:)

Good job, Bro.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike