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Wondering about my current pseudo PE :)

Wondering about my current pseudo PE :)

Hi guys,

I actually stopped PEing long ago due to an injury but about a month ago started on some lazy ass PEing technique. About 30-40 minutes of a jerk off session where the goal is to get to %100 erection and only then do some serious kegel where you can feel the pressure. This being held for as long as the erection is at %100+. Rinse. Repeat. And that’s all I do, no stretching or anything else. The next day or two there’s a nice flaccid just like after a jelq session. Any chance one of you guys did this for a long period of time and have some insights?

Oh, and, amazing how this board still rocks :D


Welcome back,

Haven’t heard or tried this myself. Is it like the “actionlove site” guy describes?

I do that pretty regularly, it’s great for the dick and keeps it in good shape for fuckin’. Never really saw any growth benefits from it, though I don’t do it for long Funny thing is that the tunica can have a dull soreness to it after doing this intensely.

It does have some similarity with the ballooning technique. I think it is remotely possible that it may have some effect on size if done for long periods of time. Remember, kegels in general have been known to “shape-up” the cock and show it’s owner a bit more L after doing them regularly. Kegels may be the only non-surgical PE the general med community admits will give a change in size for men. I’m a firm believer and have been for some time that the erect kegel has great benefits and should be part of any PE pr P health regimen. It just feels different and more relevant to what the dick is actually used for and the state that it’s used in. groa

Welcome back...


Good to see you again.

I did excactly the same after a good session of intense jelquing. Kept my erection at a 100% for about 1/2 hr, coming close to a climax. It pumps a lot more blood in your dick and stretches it even further. Try and do the Squeeze while you’re at it. Amazing.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

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