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Women don't care about discoloration

I hope your dick isn’t those colors…

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Haha yeah, I think what 4’s talking about is slight discoloration, random dark spots, like the ones I have. And I hope your right that girls won’t care. For one thing its usually dark when they first see it, and by the time they realize its bigger than most they won’t care if its slightly off color in the light. I’m going to try vitak cream on my dick and see if it will help with some dark spots, and I’ll post if I have any success.

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Originally Posted by Okish6er
So basically if my dick turned 1/4 black, 1/2 dark brown, and the other 1/4 a greeny-brown colour any women would LIKE to suck on it and take it in ? I don’t think so.

Maybe not, but she may like to take it home for a paperweight when it falls off at the green part.

The OP of this thread is certainly odd and it’s claim is basically absurd. I feel like I’m frequently being compelled to repeat the following: I have had several girls tell me they dislike it when a guy’s dick is “different color from the rest of his body”. In part because of this, I do not want my dick to darken any more than it already has (with age — it was much darker pre-PE in late 20s than it had been in early 20s).

Even if it is the case that a lot of women do not give a rat’s ass about the color of penises, there are still several reasons why a guy might desire to minimize the particular side effect of PE (including the fact that some women definitely do not like discolored dicks).

It’s obvious that lots of guys do not want their dicks to change color because of PE (based on the number of threads on it alone). Why do so many people evidently have a problem with that?

Originally Posted by vkn1
The OP of this thread is certainly odd…

This is true.

Originally Posted by vkn1
… and it’s claim is basically absurd.

Not so much.

Originally Posted by vkn1
.. I have had several girls tell me they dislike it when a guy’s dick is “different color from the rest of his body”…

Several? Really? Well, it certainly does turn me off big time when a girl’s labia is all stretched out, mangled looking and hangs like beef jerky curtains.

But all guys have a different colour penis to their body, usually the darkest part. I know I do.
So girls ‘not liking’ it would not really matter because every guy I know (and has been comfortable talking about that kind of stuff) has told me their penis is the darkest part of the body (technically the scrotum, but the penis is close in colour)

Its depends on the nature of the discolouration IMO. If I have a black dick from PE, but uniformly black my girl would not point out anything abnormal, as long as it looked healthy enough.
Whereas if I have spots then my dick will look like its unhealthy and as has been said before girls may equate this to std worries.
I think the association some people have with darker being unhealthier is not really relevant.

If I could make my dick as thick as Aristocane’s, I’d take his discolouration.

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But about if it was 8x6, but slightly coloured - and she is a very visual person, but she LOVES big dicks and knows not a soul about PE??

Would she go for it?

I'm pissed of with my gains and loses. I've been doing this for more than 4 years. I keep measuring wrong and the next time I update my signature you will see impressive results.

Discoloration can be different. My dick was very dark
when I did PE every day, an even dark brown color. I’m white, so
the dick really looked a lot darker than me. Women liked that, maybe it
appeared exotic to them. I can understand why women don’t like
rad or dark spots on a dick.
Now it’s not as dark that it used to be, I think because I PE only 2-3 times a week.


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My personal belief is that how a woman reacts to a darkened dick depends upon her age. Ahund, could you give me an idea of the general age of the women who said they like liked the dark brown?

Originally Posted by vkn1
My personal belief is that how a woman reacts to a darkened dick depends upon her age. Ahund, could you give me an idea of the general age of the women who said they like liked the dark brown?

I don’t see any correlation between age and reaction.
My dick looked good with the dark “tan”..


January 2009: BPEL: 8.6" EG: 5.7"

Goal for 2009: BPEL: 8.75" EG: 6"

Ultimate goal: BPEL: 9" EG: 6.5"

Here’s how age is related to color of dick. 10 years ago my dick was about the same color as the rest of my body. This was when I was in college. I distinctly remember girls always wanting to play with it, just sit like indian in bed and hold it, saying it was really good-looking, that I have such soft skin, etc (once one said something like that if she had one of her own just like it she’d hold it all day or some crap like that — ya I know wtvr, but she said it). 10 years later, my dick has that brownish and even blackish tinge to it. The skin tone is uneven, the darkness varies across the length of dick. The skin looks completely different from the skin on the rest of my body. An old friend of mine from college actually brought this up to me once telling me he’s self conscious about showing his dick because he feels like it looks like “a turd” (I swear).

Today, since I look young for my age, I still hook up with college aged girls some time. I do not get the girls holding my dick and admiring it’s supposed beauty anymore. To be honest I think it’s appearance is very much unattractive relative to before. I haven’t been doing anything unusual to my dick (up intill PE, at which point it was already looking 90% the color it is now. I believe these tissues just darken with age. As I understand it, one of the first apparent changes men exhibit when going through puberty is darkening of the skin tone of scrotum. It is my opinion that this darkening continues past puberty and includes the dick for some guys. Some guys dicks clearly never become darker than the rest of their body, but some get very much darker.

The reason women’s age might be correlated is that the older they are, they more dark dicks they’ve probably seen, according to my theory. Yes if older women have seen nothing but dark dicks for a while they aren’t going to notice it really. However, I’m still dating early 20s girls. These girls are vastly more likely to have primarily seen dicks that have not darkened yet, much like mine hadn’t yet at that time.

Phew that was long. I hope it made sense. I took sleeping aid while ago and kinda out of it. Zzz

Let us reveres this for a second. Have you boys seen discolored pussy? I have. In porn and real life. It doesn’t bother me to the point where I gross out, but when I see a young, or fresh, or a very well maintained vagina I’ll eat it out like I’m diabetic and it has my insulin shot. I have a discolored penis, no one has ever said anything against it, but I’m sure I don’t get the same reactions like vkn1 use to in collage. They don’t really care in the sense that they will fuck you with a discolored penis, but a healthy, light colored penis will get a better reaction for sure.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Naah.. Women don’t like pretty looking pippies.

They prefer masculine looking ones. And darker= more masculine. (as well as big, hard, long, etc..)

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I like discolored pussy and also my uniformly discolored dick. It’s nice and brown/bronze all around.

My girlfriend didn’t seem too pleased about the color of my dick (she does play with it, hold it and say it’s lovely, but when I asked something about the color and if she likes the fact that it’s darker she didn’t give me positive feedback).

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