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Wish Me Luck!

Wish Me Luck!

Ok guys, after about a month of break, I am almost ready to start back on my PE journey. About three weeks ago I was circumcised for the second time in my life (first was a partial circumcision). The stitches are almost completely dissolved and I am looking forward to starting PE now more than ever.
Unfortunately, I lost about .5-.75 inches in erect length after the procedure and need to work back up to my normal length. This is distressing to say the least, but I feel up to the challenge. I am sure the loss was caused by the extra skin being taken off. Right now erections feel tight… like my penis is trying to extend, but can’t. I hope a week or two of light stretching and jelqing should restore the unit to what it once was.

The Plan…

Like I stated earlier, I plan on easing back into my routine. For the first few weeks I plan on light jelqing and manual stretching in hopes of loosening the skin so my penis can fully expand when erect. After that I plan on hanging ( I built a wench shortly before my operation and never had the chance to use it :frown2: ) and intense jelqing 6 days on 1 day off. I am extremely confident that I can reach my goals and hope the new year brings me super gains! Wish me luck!

Happy gaining to all,

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Goodluck dude :)

Good luck dude. Happy Gaining!

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Good luck and why the second circumcision?

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Good luck!


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Absolutely Want, good luck. And I love your responsible starting-back routine too. You are drinking water too, right ;)

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Could you describe the day of the operation, what you went through, what it was like?
Did lose any sensitivity? Are you glad you did it? Why did you do it? I’m very curious! Tell us more!

You said the stiches were almost finished dissolving… maybe you should ask your doctor how soon you can get back into heavy penile contact. You wouldn’t want to start up PE again and mess something up. Just be careful, and, Good Luck!


Good luck!

Nice avatar BTW, but some people might disagree!


Thanks for the excellent response guys! I was doing this for personal satisfaction. The operation was no big deal. I am not sure if there is any loss of sensitivity as I have not had sex or masturbated (the sutures are still in place) post operation.
The operation - Woke up early and headed to the surgical center. After I signed the necessary forms I was led into the prep room where I was hooked up to an IV. Soon after, I was taken to the operation room where I was given a general anesthesia, which was totally convenient. Besides waking up and feeling a bit nauseous, everything felt fine and there was no pain.
When I woke up the next morning I took off the bandages and took a nice bath. There has been absolutely no pain or irritation after the operation. I can’t imagine being happier that everything went down without a hitch and recovery seemed overly easy. Perhaps the only down side of being circumcised is not being able to PE for a month…. it has been most difficult suppressing the urge.
I am sure I will know when it will be safe to resume my routine as I am a Doctor myself, though not a urologist. Thanks again for the wonderful thoughts and comments!

Happy gaining,

Starting 6.75 EBPL 4.85 EG Goal 7.75 NBEL 5.5 EG

Good luck bro

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