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Will you teach your kids to PE?

Originally Posted by monument
So my answer is NO, there is no need to tell your boys about PE. If your 16 year old kid asks, ” How come my peter is smaller than the other kids?” Then that might be a different story. But having raised 3 boys myself, I would find that to be a very remote question from a 16 year old.

OK, I agree with you monument, but consider that penis size isn’t a father-son common topic. I’ve never ever had a conversation about this with my father, however this is an issue of my interest. Men, (no matter their age) usually don’t ask other men how to make bigger their penises, because they feel small. Personally, I don’t know you, I think that your children will feel embarrassed speaking about their small penises. It’s not like talking about sports, girls or sex. So, I think that maybe it would be correct to have a frank and open conversation with your son, (at certain age) and inform him about penis enlargement techniques, but not asking him to do them. After that, he will have the knowledge in his hands, so he will take his own decision on this practice. I don’t know, perhaps by doing this, you could fortify an important part of his personality and self-confidence.

When I was younger I attended summer camp (sleep over). I was more matured that most of the kids in my bunk of 11 year olds. When I came back to the bunk one day there was a fellow camper presumably pleasuring himself. I asked what he was doing (as he was right out in the open). He told me he was doing excercises.

boy, if I knew then what i know now I would have observed, taken notes and started immediatly.

I plan to tell him and see that he keeps to his routine from about age 10. That way he’ll be the biggest guy in the lockerroom when he’s 18 :) Wish my dad had done this for me. But he doesn’t know anything about jelqing.

At the age of about 9 My dad once said joking that all the men in our family have small penises. Even as a joke I took it pretty serious(especially since he did have a small one), I wish he would of followed up after the joke, with but don’t worry son, there are exercises you can do to enlarge it. I definatley would have been happy to hear about it, even if a little embarassed.

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Every man or boy is different. Each has his own sense of what he accepts and what bothers him. Why force your concerns about penis size onto a kid who hasn’t even started puberty? No matter what size he eventually ends up with, it’s up to him to accept it or reject it. Not everyone is unhappy with what he naturally develops be it small, average or large.

Originally Posted by westla90069
Every man or boy is different. Each has his own sense of what he accepts and what bothers him. Why force your concerns about penis size onto a kid who hasn’t even started puberty? No matter what size he eventually ends up with, it’s up to him to accept it or reject it. Not everyone is unhappy with what he naturally develops be it small, average or large.

Now for a matter of fact parents always force their concerns about whatever onto kids, thats why we make them go to school and dress warm in the wintertime and all this. Thats just normal.

What I see and in what I agree is that the focus on SIZE is wrong when passing this to children (I wouldn´t exclude my dauthers from the wisdom). But PE as Penis Enhancement, as healthy exercise with the nice sideeffect of a bigger schlong - thats the way to go as I believe and thats how my children will get it told. There is this evil “to small”, but a “to healthy” doesn´t exist.

Personally I will tell my son as soon he starts masturbating two things:
- jelquing, this will also be shown
- the benefits of masturbating not with the aim to achieve as many orgasms as quick as possible, but to masturbate and to hold out as long as possible, for this providing better orgasms (and less problems with premature ejaculation lateron).

I am convinced that this will have no negative sideeffects at all, but it can give my child a lot of happiness in the future.

Are you sure he is going to tell you about his first jerking session? I seriously doubt that.
But yes, I would tell my son about it if I came to know he is having size problems, sure I would. I wouldn’t bring it up though.

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Edit: Just saw this is an old one. Interesting question nonetheless.

my boy is 15 now. I’ve promised to him that when he’ll be 18 I’ll teach to him some secrets to make his dick bigger.

By the way, Navarro, are you the one who frequented the Spanish-speaking forums? Why did you abandon us? Pay us a visit sometimes!


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Originally Posted by Fefo
my boy is 15 now. I’ve promised to him that when he’ll be 18 I’ll teach to him some secrets to make his dick bigger.

Besides that I find it problematic at least to focus on SIZE when talking to the kids I ask myself: Why wait until he is 18? He could probably now achieve things easily with a moderate routine which are hard to come by lateron, even with raw methods?

just wondering

Are you glad you found about PE? Would you have been glad to have found out about it when you were 18 or something?

If the answer is yes to both, then I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to tell him.

I don’t think it’s truamatic for an18 year old. I figure all you have to worry about is the approach.

Hell, I think I might just tell him out of the blue one day when we are talking about sex. “Hey, if you ever worry about dick size, check out this website.”

I am definitely telling my son when i have one. Imagine him getting this insecurity out of the way when he’s young. I tell ya, i think that’s a great service and deed to your kid.

Hell, it would be as important as my encouraging my kids to train in self-defense, so they can protect themselves and keep their bodies healthy.

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You guys obviously don’t know teenagers very well. First of all, they don’t want to talk about the changes their bodies go through during puberty, especially their penises. Secondly, they don’t want to talk to their parents about anything, much less about their body image problems. Unless you have an unusually close relationship with your teenager, they’re going to think you’re nuts for even bringing up the subject.

Most of the members of these forums have penis size issues far greater than the general public. Many who come here with 7 inches think they are small. To assume that your son has or might have the same issue before he’s even grown is projecting your insecurities onto someone else and that’s not fair to him. You may cause more problems than you think you’re “solving.”

I’m not a parent—yet. But in my opinion, the primary thing is to understand and be attentive to your children. It should be the case that, if your son is developing concerns about his dick size, without telling you directly, you should be able to pick up on it. Then, with some wise questioning, you should be able to get him to tell you directly, or nearly so. It’s at this point that I would inform him about PE. I would also discuss with him the realities of sex and dick size—for example, what is average, what is big, how many big dicks are there out there, what do most women think, versus what they tend to say to us men, etc.

Most importantly, I would want my son to realize that he can do something about his dick size. I would want him to understand that he has this control. You know, there are subtle ways to make this known to your son without having to ask him about his dick size and what he thinks of it. Be observant, understanding, clever, and wise. Drop hints about sites like this; tell him, “I’ve heard that if you … , you can make your willy bigger. And I’ve even heard about some web sites for this. I think one was called ‘Thunders Space’ or ‘Thunders Place’ or something like that.”

Well, my boy(a man now) is 21.

He knows i enlarge, and I told him some about it on the night before his wedding, but he hasn’t seemed to catch on to exactly WHY I would want a bigger unit, other than the puzzling fact that his mom makes alot of noise at night. I wouldn’t have known that either at that age, considering all the “not the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean” BS (IMO) I’d been fed. My wife likes a bigger, healthier dick, I’m glad to give it to her, and my daughter in law and my son will probably come to the same conclusion eventually. I’ll be there to explain the rest of the story when he’s ready. Our family is fairly open, due to the fact that I have a big mouth…:)

I have no kids, but if I ever do I expect PE will be established as a niche obsession like hardcore body building by then - if you want it bad enough, everyone knows it’s there. As a “difficult” gainer, I look forward to this day! Just so I can say… yeah, you know I could make it bigger if I wanted but, you know, I’m not that bothered (while silently cursing my genes).

Originally Posted by Fireslayer26
Talking to your son about sex is acceptable….. but telling him how to make his penis bigger would be a little odd. I know if my dad tried to tell me about penis enlargement I would have gotten really freaked out!

PS- LUI, I love your avatar!

The problem is the type of society our parents were raised, the type of society we were raised and nobody know what type of society will be in 5-10-20 years. Usually our granparents and some parents were never teached about sex AT ALL. It was just unnacceptable to talk about sex; it was bad, punished, pervert. For some of our parents wasn’t that bad but nobody use to talk about it; it was still a secret. Today, children are teached about sex in school, their sexual life starts way earlier than before and lots of parents have an open relationship about everything with their teens. Maybe in the future talking about enlarging or exercising your penis will be something so normal like running everyday to keep a good health. PE today is still something underground. I’d say teaching today a young boy how to enlarge his penis, will still have bad consequences since he will feel like “the freak of the class” At this point we are still not ready for that. It will have great benefits for him in the future, there is no doubt about it; but the early effects could be psychological issues at the young age. I wonder anyways if you teach your let’s say 12-13 year old boy how to excercise his penis everyday for a healthy adult life, at 30 he will be walkin with one foot of meat between his legs. lol That kid would hand build a statue in your honor.


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