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Will the pill ever be invented

Will the pill ever be invented

Hello Guys,

Just got bored and had a thought, maybe this will be a good thread or not but here goes.

Do you ever think in our life time that someone will develop a pill or potion that will enlarge you penis, I know some designer drugs can specifically target organs or certain cells and stimulate them in some way, to grow or in cancer cases, to die. I know we have all seen the pills online and everyone knows they do not work, but I wonder if we will ever have a miracle pill like this, what do you all think?? Bamixgee

I think most likely we will see more effective organ cloning and growth stimulation using nanobots. The nanobots may be delivered via a pill, though an injection seems much more likely.

With the organ cloning, they would take your own cells and use them to graft extra length or width to your penis. I doubt growth hormons will do much more for us at this point.

I don’t think a pill will ever be able to produce the desired effects. It would be extremely difficult to make a pill that targets only certain tissues. DHT is likely a necessary component for growth and to make it act only on the ARs in penile tissue is impossible. Therefore as suggested injections are likely the viable delivery system.

Probably not a pill. Might be able to grow some tunica in a dish and splice it in for extra size.

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