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Will drinking hurt my gains

Will drinking hurt my gains

Guys I’m 23, and still in that party mode of my life. I usually just drink on the weekends. But lately I been drinking some beer here and there sometimes during the week due to depression. When I go out on Saturday I’ll drink mabey a half pint of liquor and 4 beers. I just started a new routine. 75 dry jelques, and a 10 minute pump with my homemade pump. I do 3 sets, and finish off with 75 wet jelques. I’m gonna try TA stretch for 15 to 20 minutes before I go to bed. I been at this for like 4 years, I just never stayed on a steady routine. I never measured when I started, but I think I have gained a nice amount or either my dick kept growing naturally. I’m at 6.7 by 4.5 to 4.7 nbp. My first goal is 7 by 5 nbp. Do you think this is a good routine, and is it ok to keep partying. When I get the money I’ll start taking NOX2, I’m just really poor, some days barely have anything to eat, thats where some of my depression is coming from. Any feedback would be well appreciated.

P.S. You Guys Rock

Well it won’t help. But it sounds like you’ve got bigger problems to worry about than PE.

No alot of my depression comes from thinking I have a small dick. I’m not the prototypical 9 inch balk guy.

Like Insane said, it won’t help, but spend your money on food not alcohol.

You would have more money if you didn’t drink as frequently. Also remember that alcohol lowers testosterone, which in my opinion is never good.

Drinking will also lower the effectiveness of NOX2 through waterloss. I’m also 23 and drink about once a week, but I also try not to over do it.

I only drink a few when I’m out on the town and in drinking establishments, if I’m in a bar, I’ll buy a beer and then keep carrying it around with me so

I don’t have to buy anymore, because it still looks like I have a beer. This also allows you to keep your wits and score up on the hotties! Not to mention having

stronger erections when you take them home etc. Try drinking less, it’s ok.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

If you’re a bit depressed and you drink, you’ll get more depressed. It’s a depressant, remember? When you’re depressed, try PE’ing. Better effects. :D


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Thanx guys, it’s just a really hars confusing time inmy life for me. But I’m still goin. I did a full session 75 dry jelques, and 3 sets 10 min. Pump. Ended with 75 wet jelques. Yea I drank and went out tonight. I drank a 40, and 4 beers. Gotta get at it tommorow.

I am a little concerned. You drink because of feeling down. Drinking should be a small but enjoyable part of your life. Drinking for medicinal purposes sets up a bad pattern that is likely to get reinforced over time. So don’t medicate with alcohol. Also don’t drink when you are hungry, angry, lonely/bored/depressed, or tired. This is the HALT acronym. those who violate these principles are in danger of problem drinking.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

If I ever get depressed I may go out and drink with friends to cheer me up and so long as I know its my friends that are chearing me up and not the booze then its ok. I don’t use alcohol as a psychological crutch, thats what freinds are for.

I also wouldn’t go out if I had no money for food. A night out usually costs the same as a weeks shopping for me anyway!

I would say that if your erections are getting weaker from excessive alcohol then this may affect your gains.


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