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Wild tunica stretch.

Originally Posted by marinera
You don’t care, others could. The first one who had this idea, for example, you know presenting others’ ideas as yours own it’s somewhat like stealing.

Applying the force at two different points of the penis at the same time is an idea AKA a concept. So the two-way-stretch is a concept, not at device. Understand what you read please.

I realise that you aren’t gifted for words, but in English when you end a sentence and start another one the next letter should be in capital letters. Exactly as it is written in the forum guidelines.

Marinara, I realise that you have a personal problem with me due to political disagreements, but please don`t ruin other`s access to information.

I present a working device to the general population of this site because I`ve been using it for 9 months and know it works, and want everyone here to have the choice to use it or not, not to self-aggrandise as some discoverer of a new way to do something.

I don`t see myself invited onto the David Letterman show for instance..

As I`ve stated elsewhere, I found the first stretcher like the one I use on an area of this site, and merely copied it as the poster intended.

And you clearly can`t make the distinction between concept, idea, theory, prototype, working model and finished you stated, a two way stretch is an idea, the thought of a device to do that would be a concept.and, of course, the device it`s self is a physical thing.

Originally Posted by lukatov
This thread caught my eye because I built one of these also thinking about static progressive stretch. I’ll upload a pic of it. I use two hose clamps, a vacuum cap and foam on the proximal end. I used liquid weld to join the metal parts for easy tighten/loosen and to attach the turnbuckle. It’s an intense stretch that can be increased by small increments. Not trying to hijack this thread at all just thought I would contribute my version.

I don`t think you were trying to hijack.thanks for the contribution.

Originally Posted by monkeykush
A-unit this is a very good idea. When I first started P.E I purchased a generic static stretcher. It had a single rubber strap at the front and a hard plastic base that pushes against the fat pad. The concept was not bad but it needed much more traction.
If I may make a suggestion that would make attaching and detaching the apparatus easy. What about gluing or clamping the two barrel expanders to two cable clamps?

I think that might work.

In fact with the cable clamps you might only have to use one barrel expander.

I`m going to try it over the week-end.

Thanks Monkey!

Originally Posted by monkeykush
Can you put together a detailed parts list us? I must not be the only one looking for that extra inch.

If you go to home depot and browse the fastener section you will find parts there.

And I think home depot has an on-line parts catalogue as well.

I will look.

Originally Posted by a-unit
Marinara, I realise that you have a personal problem with me due to political disagreements, but please don`t ruin other`s access to information.

I don’t have a personal problem with you, nor for political disagreements neither for anything else. It seems instead that you have problems with the rest of the world.

About ‘ruining’ other’s access to information’, actually I helped the access, since I said you how to post pics, a thing that in your intellectual superiority you were unable to find by yourself.

Originally Posted by a-unit
And you clearly can`t make the distinction between concept, idea, theory, prototype…

See what I mean? Malevolence at pure state.

Your strawman argument about others caring whether I “invented” the device or not was what set this off and drew me to respond.

I won`t have people thinking that I would take credit for something that wasn`t mine.

I never, at any time, stated explicitly or inferred that the idea, design or implementation of the device as presented was my idea.

In fact, when asked, I stated that I saw the original device here on this site, and on this thread others have provided examples of other ways to do the same thing in slightly different ways, all of which are in the flavour of what we have come to expect from this exceptional community of like-minded individuals on a unique quest.

Lets keep this discussion in this frame from this point onwards.


Not meaning that A-unit. Nor saying it it a bad idea per se.

But, hope you don’t get this personally also, I think that as it is described (and assuming I have understood correctly), the device can’t work that well.

The only thing that is actually resisting the pulling force isn’t the clamp placed lower, but the part of your penis attached to the body. I mean, the force is anyway transferred along the whole shaft, there isn’t a section of tunica taking more stress than the other.

To put that concept at work with some degree of success, you’ll have to use your hands, as described here for example:
Two-handed squeeze stretch

or, otherwise, you should have two pairs of brackets in your extender : one pair fixed to the clamp - those brackets should remain unmovable, fighting the pulling force; another pair, above the clamp to underneath the glans, pulling; this way, the section of tunica between the clamp and the cap/noose will absorbe the most force. Hope it is clear what I mean.

Another thing: if the clamp is tight enough to grab the tunica in flaccid state, half hour is way, way too much time: your penis will become turning cold and dark after 5-10 minutes at most, and at this point you are alreadym risking necrosis, nereve damage etc..

I think maybe that you misunderstood.

The bottom clamp sits about half an inch above the base of the penis and is clamped down securely so that it doesn`t push back to the balls when pressure is applied by the barrel extenders.

The top clamp is clamped down firmly enough so that it doesn`t pop off when pressure is applied.

What I experience is a firm pulling of the penis shaft between the two clamps that, while I sit in the hot water of the bath, expands just over an inch.

It is arguable whether this is actually stretching the tunica or just the skin, but I do know that the two clamps don`t move during the stretch, and skin discolouration is minor at best, and recovers within minutes of removal after the session.

Ehrr, no probably I’ve not understood - not yet either. If your clamp doesn’t move, it could be that the penis clamped in it is shifting and the feeling that you think is a focused stretch is actually mostly due to the friction.

Anyway, how about placing the base of the extender on the clamp fixed lower? This way instead applying say 2 lbs of force to 6” of penis you are applying the same force on, say, 4”, targeting a smaller part of the penis at time - the one that gets less stress normally, the mid-shaft.

Yeah, certainly moving the clamp points around gives the exercise more versatility.

I am still experimenting with the two clamp approach and I will wait for a month to measure again to see if I gain length.

Sorry a-unit but let me get this straight, the materials are a threaded you-clamps and barrels extenders? Like are those the names for them because I tried googling them and got weird results. Would the people at home depot know what they are?

And so three weeks later.I find that I`ve gained about half an inch of flaccid length from doing the double clamped stretches with the device, but no appreciable increase in erect length.

The frustrating thing about trying to measure erect length is that it`s not often that I can keep 100% erect for the tape!

In the last two weeks I`ve begun to do two-handed stretches like the clamped ones I`ve been doing in the stretcher and I`m finding that they are really intense and seem to be giving great local stretch stress to the tunica.

That last 1/8” to 7 is agonisingly illusive.


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