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wife doesn't seem to notice

wife doesn't seem to notice

I started pe about 2 months ago. I have gained 1/2 ” in bpel and maybe 1/4” girth, but my wife hasn’t said a word. I haven’t told her about pe and don’t plan on it. My dream is for her to say ” wow, is it growing?” Actually when I look at it I still don’t see much of a difference. I wonder if I measured wrong the first time. My starting measurement: 6 1/2 bpel, 4 1/2 girth. Now almost 7 bpel and 4 3/4 girth. Goal: 8 bpel and 5 1/2 girth.

I also get quite a difference when I measure girth with a string or tape measure. With a string I’m 5, but 4 3/4 with tape. I guess the tape is right, but I like what the string says better :) What do you guys use to measure girth?

Hey jaji!

Congrats to your gains! I´m sure not all of them are from meassuring wrong, even if a part might be.

Gains come over time, not all in one night, so unless you haven´t had sex in 2 months how could she notice? And even if she did, that your penis has grown isn´t the obvious guess, since it´s considered more or less undoable.

I know my erections aren´t always the same, so it´s more likely that she thinks it´s just the normal cause of things, good erection days so to speak.

Think about if she got tighter at a slow pace instead of you getting bigger, when would you notice, and when would you start to think something was really happening outside your head? And when would you speak up about it?

I measure girth with a strip of paper wrapped around my dick and then I measure the strip with a ruler, but I would prefer a measuringtape.

Good luck!

Hi Jaji

Your wife does’nt know about your PE exploits? How do you manage to keep it a secret? She is bound to catch you out one day. Hope you have a contingency plan just in case.


Since starting my pe program and stretching with a home made stretcher, I have gained over an 1.5 inches length and .75 of an inch in girth and my wife has never said anything! I know she is aware that something has changed,as her eyes bulge now on penitration.
Maybe they never will say anything.Just enjoy your secret.He He!!
All the best with your gains.


They can’t even phantom that your dick might be getting bigger because everybody always believed that you couldn’t grow you dick bigger.
So they some how think that it has always been that size. It’s very funny they know something is different about sex but they don’t know what.


Dude, ya don’t want a phantom dick. Fathom??

I think GIRTH is the issue here. Drop by the ol’ PE store and pick yerself up some of that there GIRTH stuff and she’ll notice. Oh boy, she’ll notice…


Don’t look for her to say any thing. Even if she wondered, she would not really consider it seriously because of the prevalent belief in polite pop culture that it cannot be done and size doesn’t matter any way. You are looking for the wrong thing. Look your wife to go from being mostly willing for sex to ALWAYS willing.

Look for her to initiate sex more. Her body will respond but she may not get it on a conscious level (unless you breakdown and tell her or she catches you). I gained quite a bit, my wife has no clue about pe. But I now have sex about 40-50% more often with a less resistant partner who is now more often multi orgasmic and sometimes a “squirter”. I doubt that the gains are all error, maybe some little bit of it. At first I thought it would be cool for the wife to come out with “Is your dick getting bigger? How?”

However I realize now that unless she discovers it or I tell her she is more likely to revise her memories and conclude that you were always whatever size you happen to be at the time. I think that is just fine with me. The enhancement of my sex life is reward enough, I don’t need any congrats from her on the work I have done to get there. Its enough that I don’t ever hear those words “don’t you ever get enough?”

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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I have gained a little over an inch in length and 1/4 inch in girth. My wife does not notice either. I will catch her taking a peek when I change clothes or get out of the shower. Flacid does not show much. I get her to deep throat me; it appears she can not go down as far, I guess it does not register to her that she can’t go to the pubic bone as she did before pe. PE is a slow process, I wonder if the women folk get a custom to the gradual increase and not think anything about it.

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