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Width versus thickness?

Width versus thickness?


I have never really paid much attention to the thickness of my penis before. We all see the width every time we look at the thing, but unless you crane your head over to the side or use a mirror you never see it from the side, do you?

So for some reason I decided to do that a couple of weeks ago while I was pumping. I was surprised to see that it appeared that my penis was thicker than wider. I thought maybe it was distortion from looking through the tube, so I have looked again several times since then out of the tube and the observation holds.

Is this the norm? For some reason I always figured cocks were wider than thicker.

cocks from what i understand have more of an oval shape, than round, well at least mine does, although i look really thick from the front/top from the side and i am almost 6” around i think i look thin from the side angle you are referring too. Anyone got any excercises to make it bigger on the sides or does that just come with regular jelquing

Most are somewhat oval shaped, with the width being thicker than the depth. Mine was like this prior to my surgery, however afterwards it ended up more circular shaped, with the depth equal to the width.

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I think mine is bigger top to bottom, compared with side to side.

Yes indeed, your penis has a spine. One should always jelq in front of a mirror; much like bodybuilders critique their physique.

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Mine is definitely wider than it is thick. I think this is generally the norm but the other way around isn’t uncommon either.

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