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Width expansion

Width expansion

As most of you know I’m using a homemade hanger. The idea of my hanger is to clamp really tight so the ridges get a good grip on my tunica and the topridge gets supported by the shoulders of the glans (end of the cc’s). Because of the power I use for tightening I had to make both sides doublelayered to become more rigid. The hanger works but there is a side-effect I’ve been noticing for a while now, which this thread is about.

When I remove my hanger after a hangingsession the tunica swells up where the hanger was attached. I know it’s not fluid build-up because I get two rings of them from in between the ridges and they are located below the swelling because my skin moves back down after hanging. I can already see a difference in my erect shape. It’s in between where I measure my midgirth and the topgirth right below my glans, I never measure this area so I can’t tell for sure how much wider/thicker it has become.

Now I know about this side effect of my hanger I could try to make something to attack the width of the rest of my dick. I’m thinking about 2 planks of wood and 4 screws to make something that looks like an ultrawide hanger :) I’m not sure if the ridges are the key elements but testing will show. Just like a hanger use it when flaccid.

I’m currently on a hanging routine but when I’m done I will try this in combination with clamping.

I have noticed the same thing and will begin to measure it also. The compression may be higher than with a BIB, I am having some “mechanical engineering” thoughts about how some of the different hangers grab the internal structures. They are just random ideas now, nothing concrete yet.

I believe SS4Jelq has also noticed this effect, from using a Bib hanger.

I think it may well be due to the ridges Piet.
When you clamp really tight, the internal pressure of the penis forces the tunica into the ridges causing localised stretching of the tunica, hence the added girth.
Did you have something like that in mind Sailboatracer?

I would try and make the planks with ridges. If the effect is (obviously) due to the hanger, then try to keep it as close to the design of the hanger as possible, just bigger.

Just my $0.02 woth :D

Good point Andrew. Hobby already came with a good name for such a device: ‘meat tenderizer’ ;)

Sounds like a clamp for Pan squeezes. Its got merit.

The “Meat Tenderizer”…I love it!!:chuckle:

Andrew69, Yes that is what I was thinking.

To further elaborate on my “random thoughts”, I began to play around with the geometry of the ribs or thumbs, their size, placement and the squeezing and bending of the tissues between them. In the earliest version of my homemade hanger’s ribs, I didn’t leave “enough” space between the adjacent ones for the ribs on the other half of the hanger to really interdigitate (i.e. fingers between fingers), or so I thought. I later rebuilt, with fewer, larger, more widely spaced ones, giving a better grip, but when I sketched out the ribs, and the space between them, which is the space for the tissues, it still showed tighter and looser spots. Under the pretext of better rope hardware for the boat, a mechanical engineer friend steered me to some engineering theory about how ropes and cables wrap around sheaves and pulleys . They can exert “pull” on the rope without tightly squeezing. This is leading up to my “new” ideas about how ribs may grab without so much squeezing, to allow pull without reducing blood flow and therefore longer hanging sessions. I hope it leads somewhere!

Sailboatracer, the ridges of my hanger are opposite of each other. The ridges squeeze the tunica and put the tension on the unsqueezed tunica right above the ridges. Your ridges setup already stretch the tunica even before you hang weight from it, doesn’t feel suitable for a hanger imo, but it could be suitable for the device I’m thinking of. It would solve the need for tension in order for it to work.


Now you’re onto something!

It may be different to what Piet is trying to achieve, but it is well worth pursuing.

You are obviously one clever cookie….:thumbs:

Any updates?

I haven’t started on putting it together yet.

Not sure if it’s because I stopped hanging for a while but I’m not getting a good expansion from clamping anymore. I used to be able to get to 6.2” midgirth while clamping and now it’s only 6”. So perhaps it’s time to try something else.

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