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When I am aroused or masturbate and get erect…it subsides within seconds without touching.

When I do manuel stretches and get erect….it takes minutes to subside without touching.

Don’t know why…and this drives me crazy!


i love it when you’re crazy…i’m not telling you the answer


to easy..

hi brothers,

1 when you strtch DON’T FLEX.
2 you have to breath very slowly.
3 don’t make a fantasy.
4 don’t look at your unit because when you look at him he become happy and wants to show you that he can do it.

be gentle with streching and do it very slow.

take care all of you and BE PATIENT IT WILL GROW



The answer is a little complicated but here goes…

You suffer from inner echopraxia hypogonadism of the glandual margrabonal cavity, which when said in other terms that can be explained hynagogically speaking without the prior ithyphallic conditions leaves the sufferer in a state of paracentesis menarche. The utmost and perhaps infusorial fibrositis of the chamber interconnecting the corpus with the diterpenic podocarps is a extremely thalamus ventricle which under no circumstances must come into dactyl contact with the cistacolan nerves, those at least of which are to be located beneath the epidermis .

Hindrance of erectile tissue caused through lack of correct lentiform nucleus, morefold that situated in the corpus striatun, advocates the presence of microscopic and necrotizing fasciitis (with 2 i’s, consult the dictionary) and the natural diatonic state of daltonic mixolydian enzymes result in this rather effulgent process.

My advice is the disappendage of said corpus, alleviating the symptophatic aislations and thus resulting in a non-detrimental synaptic profusion, the syndrome reacting to vacillating transfixations and permitting inprecipitous obduration of the penile shaft.

Should this yield undesired abeyance, a besmirchent and amalgamation of boorishness and gaucherie necessitates the adequate and amenable sycophancy immediately that cannot be preceded by anything but predispositioned abstemiousness and an assuage culmination of iberic and lapetus iambuses, which must be evitated at the pertinent risk of leguminous nervines.

Exists the remote possibility I have no idea what the hell I’m going on about, but I couldn’t resist the temptation. :chuckle:

And I know it’s no laughing matter :wave:



I had one of those and the wheels fell off - I’m a Dutchmans Uncle, couldn’t understand a word!

:jumpers: :blue: :blue: :jumpers:

Health is Wealth


LOL Well when you explain it like that its not such a mystery!LOL

How many languages do you speak & which one was that? Wow

:jumpblue: :grab: :jumpblue:


lol (you don’t hear me say that much!) - delete the end though…keep em guessing!

its called medicalese, and he did a good job of it.


sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:


Look at all the bouncing blue balls :blue:

You are too funny. I feel like such an idiot trying to actually pronounce half of it. :homer: All while saying WHT, how the *f* is that jibberish going to help him out and waiting for you to break to plain english. LOL

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

Doctor Guiri

I would have to agree but at this point I think it’s reached the acute stage of infusorial fibrositis. And we should operate right away I will get the 12x9 inch anal probe and the bone saw ready.


You are definitely right Dino, the probe is a great id..

OMG! It is too late, we must operate now !!!



“Nurse! Raise it to 100,000!”



beep…. beep…. beep…

Nurse: “Dr. Guiri! Dr. Guiri. The monitor shows signs of an erection! Dr. Guiri you did it again, you saved the patient!”.


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