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Why won't new members post?

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Why won’t new members post?

I’m afraid I’ll be identified.


I’m embarrassed to talk about my dick.


I’m a girl, I don’t have a penis to talk about.


I don’t speak/read English well enough.


I want to see some gains before I talk about it.


I’m afraid to say something stupid.


I’m only here to look at the member’s pics.


I don’t want to get on a spam list for penis pills.


I’m reading the forums “for a friend.”


I’m a pay site owner gathering info for my “exclusive” techniques.

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Happy to see another member of that “community.’ :thumbs:

Welcome back, Goomiferous!

I think Beastys’s points were quite valid also.

I always try to preface my replies with, or at least imply somewhere in it, that I’m only speaking from personal experience. I also try to relate some of my replies to previous threads I’ve read here that may pertain to the topic. I’m not an expert on everything, just strongly opinionated at times. If someone’s trying to ask a serious PE related question, then most times I’ll say; hey there was a discussion about that recently, here’s what I think was the jest of it, and I kind of hope some of the vetern memebers of Mods chime in. usually they do.

Even if a thread topic is repetitive, it doesn’t really bother me. I like the added input that comes from both new members bringing their experiences to the topic, as well as the more vetern members revisting the topic. In that way the information keeps evolving and hopefully getting better and more refined.

Twat, the redundant drama with a female threads are ok too. Besides being humorous (at times), a lot of info gets exchanged in those threads also. Yea there are a few that seem to showcase a certain level of imaturity or just plain lack of experience, but most of them are legit. What I have to remember for me is that not everyones lived the corrupt devient lifestyle that I have at times. And even then, I’m just trying to say; hey I remember that BS, this is what I did and what I think you should consider.
But I try to make the fact that I’m an ole stilted bastard at times well understood as well.

They used to say the only ignorant question was the one not asked, guess they never got asked about masturbation and gains (lol) and event that’s really not “ignorant” - I think we’ve all wonder it’s effect at one time or the other. The only way a disussion is going to get started around here is if someone ask a question or just jumps into the mix. The more the merrier, the more input equals the more output.

Besides, I voted that I’m just “reading” for a friend - my dick.
I think I “post” because of what Beasty said - I just want to hear myself talk, hell no one takes me serious around the home.

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Thanks Westla. This is just the kind of upbeat response that might get me back into posting.

Yeah, the community can wreak havoc on a young impressionable mind…

hey i dont post much “bcuz i type like this u know what i mean its easier for me to type this way and i know ur going 2 b mad at me if i do”

Our spell checker could help you overcome this reluctance taboo.

The spell checker is my savior!! My punctuation still sucks. I just put in more “periods” than i think i need and it seems to help.

…than I think I need and…

Almost there. :)

I have posted when I was new to the forum but have not in a while. Mainly because I find most of my questions are answered in the search area of the forum.

I have been told at times (not here) that I come off like a know it all. in some thing like mechanics , welding, body work and computer that might be so but not in the P.E. world. I am learning to thing and working on doing them correctly. I have build a home made ADS and a hanger unit the will hold up too 100 lbs if I am crazy enough to ever want to hang that much weight off the end of my penis.

I have had some gains . I went from 6” bp by 5” girth to 7.5”bp by 5.75”girth. I have not yet reached my goal by it will come in time

I have been a member of allot of different types of forums and have found it is best to read and search before you post. One you do not get a Mod telling you to use the search engine and too you do not become a post whore.

As a member of a few web forums, I feel the fear of saying something stupid and having everyone start screaming “read the faq” or “search!” so thats what I do in the first place. I’m also still building the motivation to commit to a consistent routine, so I can’t look back and say “I wasted all that time.” maybe after I see some tangible gains I will become a believer. Remaining skeptical means not being let down so often. Thanks for the icebreaker thread.


Seems like I can only respond to established threads and not start new ones. I’m restricted from starting a new thread — I’ve got some new questions but have to look for an established thread to put in my 2 cents. Am I missing something or how do I start new threads?

Thanks for the answer -

This is a great forum - Look forward to starting what I hope will be interesting threads.

Originally Posted by memento
Welcome to the posting side SLD.

Thanks mate !

Just getting started

Originally Posted by stevie31
Good point, Ike. I imagine many new members don’t want to put in the effort to be part of an “in-crowd”. That’s how I felt when I first found Thunder’s Place. However, those reservations went away after extensive reading and seeing how well most newbies are treated.

Questions are much more effective if you read and have a good working knowledge of the subject before asking.

I’m just getting started here. And I hope to get into the “in-crowd”. I can see that the men certainly do “out number” the women. I don’t want to say things that will make me look ignorant. I probably will though.

But I’m going to try to not be shy and jump in where I feel comfortable.

If we women enlarge our breasts, would you love us better? Does “breast size” really make a difference? Just kidding!

Having found and joined this forum for various reasons I simply needed time to digest all the information first. The concept of natural PE was so foreign to me that it took a month and a half of reading posts and tutorials to decide my next course of action. “You can do WHAT!” :) After a couple days of reading it was obvious this stuff worked so I then had to learn all I could.

I also had read enough posts where “use the search function” was the answer so that that’s what I did and answered my own questions. So for me personally I wanted to get some PEing under my belt and learn about it before attempting to become a contributing member.



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