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Why won't new members post?

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Why won’t new members post?

I’m afraid I’ll be identified.


I’m embarrassed to talk about my dick.


I’m a girl, I don’t have a penis to talk about.


I don’t speak/read English well enough.


I want to see some gains before I talk about it.


I’m afraid to say something stupid.


I’m only here to look at the member’s pics.


I don’t want to get on a spam list for penis pills.


I’m reading the forums “for a friend.”


I’m a pay site owner gathering info for my “exclusive” techniques.

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This comes from a person that’s lurked around this board, and various other boards since finding the Hubbard site in 2000 or so. When it comes down to it there are, at least in my mind, really only 3 reasons to post. A) an innovation B) a problem or C) to brag. So, just how many innovations are there recently? How many problems are there that haven’t occurred in the past and been addressed? And how many people are there that either really NEED to brag or are equipped enough to actually claim the title of being the largest? Granted there are some, probably quite a few actually, that post just to shoot the breeze, or just to break up the boredom, but for the most part if you were on here to shoot the breeze, you wouldn’t be a “new member” for long. The question does remind me of a saying that I was told once something to the effect of “keep your mouth shut and let everyone think you a fool, but open your mouth and prove them correct”.

I guess that makes me C all the way, unless there’s a D and maybe an E. I think I might be an F actually.

I like your username btw. Ever come across Jelly Monsters?

Well I’ve never posted before because I don’t have anything to add at this point. I spent a lot of time reading before the registration opened up. Since there is no search function for people who aren’t registered, I had to read almost every single thread to make sure I wasn’t missing something important.

I’ve started and I feel like I’ve made some progress, but I’m not planning on measuring for quite awhile. Thanks to everyone here for always providing such useful information.

Welcome to the forum rickym.

>I had to read almost every single thread to make sure I wasn’t missing something important.<

I read the whole of Main Members, the whole Newbie Forum, and most of the Hangers Forum before I started posting :)

(Hey this is a “C” post).

>I’m not planning on measuring for quite awhile<

Why not? How will you judge whether it is working if you don’t measure frequently?

Vic20, I am that way with other forums I belong to. I only post to ask/answer a question. I don’t know how I got sucked into this place. :)

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Sucked in

Originally Posted by iamaru
Vic20, I am that way with other forums I belong to. I only post to ask/answer a question. I don’t know how I got sucked into this place. :)

Too much vacuum pressure, that’s how I got sucked in :)

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No Nukes

How about - “Bullshit doesn’t interest me.”

Originally Posted by memento
Why not? How will you judge whether it is working if you don’t measure frequently?

I want to do the newbie routine for about a month and then assess my progress. I think if I were to measure on a weekly basis and did not really progress, I would be tempted to jump to something more advanced.

OK, that makes sense. I thought you weren’t going to measure for 6 months or something (some people don’t).

Personally I measured all the time, post routine (to check efficacy), every week to check gains, and every month to record gains.

Yeah I think “quite awhile” sounds a little more ominous than just a month.


I don’t post alot because I don’t know how to type.I only use one finger and I have to search the keyboard to find the letters I want.It takes me forever just to type a sentence. This place is great though.I’m glad I found it.

Here’s a perfect example of why I never post: I was watching TV last night and saw an ad for Enzyte, and thought, “Hey, I should ask everyone on Thunder’s if they’ve tried it or heard anything about it.” So I log on today and noticed there was already a thread in the “Latest Threads” column titled, “Enzyte, how well does it work?” All my questions are answered before I even have to ask! Which in this case probably saved me about a hundred bucks.


The other thing is is you search on a topic, you’ll probably find a series of threads that aren’t in the new threads list.


I’ll bet only a small percentage of people here can touch type. I learnt touch typing but reverted to my journalist level B typing (four fingers and a thumb, journalist level A is 2 fingers and a thumb).

Of course most of my posts are complete twaddle, so I maybe type faster because of that.

I Totally Agree

Originally Posted by DiamondWinds
Chickenchoker thanks for making the ladies feel important here. We like to think we are. It’s not the easiest place for a woman to fit in but we try like hell to. It hasn’t always been easy though. I used to reply to threads out of DW’s a lot more than I do now. Maybe it was the crowd that was here then but my opinion wasn’t always met with delight.

I have been asked on numerous occasions what the perfect size was to me. Usually when I have given my opinion in response I was sorry that I did. I have been told women don’t know what they are talking about as far as size goes. I have been told that I am not being honest in my replies.If you says size doesn’t matter you get accused of lying. If you say it does matter your a size queen. Even though I was asked to give my opinion it always seems to not be good enough or believed anyway. Check out this thread as an example of that.

Members seem to think that a bigger dick is going to make them all of a sudden have a harem of women lusting after them. When I have expressed that there is more to a man than his dick it isn’t usually taken favorably. I still stand by my quote I have used here several times & its in the quote list. “Your more than just your penis. So your not just a dick to me.”

Anyway thats my reason for not replying out of DW’s or giving my opinion more. Don’t get me wrong either. I love Thunder’s Place. It’s my favorite thing to do on the net. I have made some great friends here. ThunderSS is the best host you could ask for. He has made me feel the most welcome at Thunder’s. He gave Anna and I a place we can feel like we are not only appreciated but also making a contribution. He gave us DW’s which I am extremely proud of!

I am not saying I wont give my opinion or refrain from answering your questions. I am just a lot more selective about it when I do anymore.

I agree with what you said, DW. I don’t seem to write very eloquently and I am just a silly child for thinking I will be laughed at. But I agree with you so very much on the things you said. I am going to get laughed at for sure, but I’m not interested in having a man that is eight inches long and has this tremendous girth. I would rip! I am not the world’s greatest lover, but I “Love” my husband deeply. Our life is not all about sex. I love Thunders. It has given me a chance to vent myself.

Ok, I’m ready for :smack: now.


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