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Why won't new members post?

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Why won’t new members post?

I’m afraid I’ll be identified.


I’m embarrassed to talk about my dick.


I’m a girl, I don’t have a penis to talk about.


I don’t speak/read English well enough.


I want to see some gains before I talk about it.


I’m afraid to say something stupid.


I’m only here to look at the member’s pics.


I don’t want to get on a spam list for penis pills.


I’m reading the forums “for a friend.”


I’m a pay site owner gathering info for my “exclusive” techniques.

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Good call memento.

I’m afraid that I’ll go to hell for talking about my weewee.

I haven’t been here that long. I don’t have that much to contribute. I do read a lot though. I’m just soaking in all the knowledge.


I think when I was new here, I was hesitant in posting replies or thread because I knew where I came from before I came here. I didn’t want my interest to be misinterpreted in any kind of way. Plus, I didn’t know if I would be accepted.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

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regardless of some of the flash that you have seen there is one thing I always see in every thread….EVERYONE~ appreciates a female post even if they don’t agree. When a female puts up a post I read it very very carefully….I’m not here to win a battle of looks in a locker room. I’m here to figure out how to send a deserving female to Mars….

to stay on topic…I’ve been at this about 2 months. I joined about a month ago. I haven’t had any gains and it really helps to see the success that others are having in a relatively short time. It keeps the hope alive- so to speak. When I see gains I’ll be a big believer and I’m sure I’ll post more often when I feel that I have something to contribute….

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I read through quite a bit of stuff and finally joined (all in the same day). I did a crap load of reading—somehow ignoring the PE dictionary—and began my life here at Thunder’s with a corny newbie post asking what all the EL FSL EG, and all that meant. It was my first post, and I didn’t stop. I don’t think I even bothered with an intro post. I just jumped right in and wouldn’t shut up—not until my computer started going incredibly slow, and eventually blew up.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

And all the girls say he's pretty shy for a PE guy

Originally Posted by Ike
Maybe my perception is skewed because after a few months here I became more accepted and stopped noticing any cliques. Anyone feel like there’s an “in crowd” that’s hard to get into?

Kinda. But that’s just the way everyone takes relationships forged via the Internet. A little healthy apprehension goes a long way, I suppose. Especially at a place where people are posting pics of their Johnson’s.

I’m at that hurdle of putting up a “beginning” pic myself. A few reasons being that I’m nervous about someone finding the pics here locally ( I have 4 PC’s networked and all humping through the same router - yeah, my permissions are locked down fairly well, but….) and I also have this bizarre phobia of someone Goggling me and finding that special “after the pool” shot of my snausage.

I’m basically not nervous to post forum side though. I like to write and I like to engage my twisted imagination to try and get a laugh or two. DW’s captioning is a lot of fun for me, especially when I’m tired and the zany ideas keep coming.

In the meantime, I’m studying and adopting what I like. I have found a lot of real quality information here, and I admire many of you for what you have contributed. After I earn my 1st set of wings, I’ll be right in the trenches with you, encouraging and learning new shit together.

The “Is it in Yet?” thread basically changed a whole mindset for me. It gave me hope for something I always relegated as “unchangeable”. I’m stoked, and it’s all thanks to my newfound PE brothers. Kudos.

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I bet it took a lot of courage to actually hit the post reply button this time eh?
I can remember a few times when I hit the back button instead of the “post reply,” because I was afraid I would sound stupid and immature.
Sometimes you just have to understand that no matter how many people ignore your posts or that don’t care what you have to say.. There is always someone out there that can benfiet from your input. I encourage you to keep on posting man! Good Luck.

On another note, When I first came to Thunders at the end of last year I had horrible “chatroom” Lingo. Every one of my first 10 posts I was referred to the forum guidelines. I finally decided to read them when one of the mods say “You will not be asked again” :D . I guess it takes a lot of encouragement for me to finally listen eh? But look at me now. Thunder’s has helped me a lot on my grammar, which is good since I am thinking about a writing career. Which is funny since I kind of suck at writing. I guess thats what makes me want to learn.

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I started maybe a few weeks back and there are several reasons why I haven’t posted yet. First and foremost, I haven’t thought of anything really interesting to say other than standard questions that have probably been answered at some point before. I thought I’d read more to see if these particular questions would be answered, but since you insist on newbies posting, I’ll just post them here and maybe a little background on my PE experience.

I found out about PE this summer (from another place) and I did it off and on (very lightly, with very little commitment) up until about this last month. I found this place and signed up almost immediately as I have been have problems with my other workouts that I was hoping some people here could clarify what might be happening. The routine was basically like the newbie routine here, but only a bit more intense. Begins with 5 minute warm-up/hot wrap then goes into stretching (five minutes each: straight out, up, down, left, right), jelqing for about 15-20 minutes, and about 200-300 kegels. Decent routine, right? Well, I experienced some problems and maybe some can go in a bit of detail as to what is going wrong and what I can do to prevent it from happening in the future:

I’ve noticed that I get red spots around my glans (the area right underneath the head where the skin overlaps and connects to the rest of the penis? Pardon my ignorance if that’s wrong, but I’m still learning the PE lexicon), lightly on the head, and on my circumcision scar (that’s right, I’m a circ). I’ve noticed this is mainly from jelqing. After I’m done jelqing, I’ll do the 5-10 minute hot wrap and the red dots become sort of blurred and purplish. This frightens me. I’ve decided to take a few days off and read some more, let Mr. Penis heal up and maybe try something different or lighter. My main concern isn’t of making gains, but that of safety. I just want to be as cautious as possible, as I don’t think any type of gain is worth losing my penis over and, thusly, I’ve been reading a lot of people’s experiences here. If anyone can give any thoughts on safer (or just the safest way of going about it) ways of PEing, please, feel free to give me a link or post them here.

Anyway, I’ll probably be posting more and I’ll be asking a lot of questions, so if you’ve heard them before, bear with me.

Bough of Flesh (nice name),


>…but since you insist on newbies posting

>I’ve noticed that I get red spots around my glans
Thats perfectly normal as a side effect of jelqing if they are small pin prick type things, they should heal pretty quickly (like in a day).

Caution is a great thing, a lot of guys rush in and say they are doing Horse squeezes from month one. Sometime later some will posts about getting an injury from doing them.

PE is a risk. It needs to be to work in some ways. You need to push right to the edge but when you start its a lot harder to judge where the edge is. The point is to know the risks and know how close you are getting and that will come in time. It took me probably 3 months + simply to perfect jelqing.

Lurkers always tend to frustrate me too on most message boards, it was quite unintentional that I ended up becoming one here. :)

I think it’s because there’s such a lot of info on the site that, since I joined, I’ve just spent my time browsing the forums, finding out new things, and enjoying the perspectives of established posters on PE. Personal thoughts on my own penis size have been all over the place over the years, however they have stabilized somewhat in recent times; I’m about 7.75” long and 6” around which, after reading the upsetting posts from those who put up with 4” made me feel like somewhat of a dick ( no pun intended ) for wanting more. I think that as long as a man isn’t hugely endowed ( 10” or more ) they will always find themselves wondering what it might be like to have a slightly larger unit. Yet I’ve accepted that, while achieving such massive sizes may help some folk, it won’t fix problems I have with my confidence or approaching women - I’d just continue to be a lonely guy but with a bigger dick ( doesn’t stop me from occasionally thinking “hmm, 9 inches” though! ).

I feel pretty privileged with the size I am atm, and grateful I won out on the lottery of genetics, I did try PE but after a while realised I didn’t have the dedication precisely because I was already quite happy with my size. I still own a vacu-tech pump I bought a while back and use it every now and then for that enjoyable, temporary increase in size, but have no desire to work it into a full-on exercise routine. So why do I hang around here if I don’t practise PE? I’m not sure, I like this place, I like hearing the views of guys who are all different sizes from small to collosal, and am always interested to hear whether possessing a large member has either helped or hindered folk sexually ( as I have only minimal experience in this field, I feel forewarned is forearmed, heh ).

I personally havnt posted very much because of the comment i received by posting my RL pic in the members pic area. Just doesnt seem like a place where i would “fit in”. Best for me to just read up on new techniques and lurk around gathering information for my PE’ing and let everyone else do the talking.

I personally dont try to think up new routines or any new excersizes, just dont feel like putting anymore time into it. So there isnt much more i can contribute besides what gains ive gotten, and those have slowed down so much since i began that its not even worth it(Started 6’7 little under 8 inches now, girth i cannot gain for the life of me been stuck at 5’ or under midshaft since ive begun “almost a year now”) . Id liek to ask questions every now and then for help with this, but im afraid ill get flamed because i havnt read through 1000 posts using the search engine. I know thats an exaggeration but im limited on time. But thats my reasons i guess. I dont have much luck with community forums. So ill return to lurking i suppose.

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Originally Posted by westla90069
Hey lurkers! Here’s your chance to tell us why you join and then never post. Choose as many as are appropriate or (gasp!) post some of your own reasons. We have a great bunch of guys here and new ideas for PE are introduced frequently (e.g. Chickchoker’s $3.00 Penimaster). Go ahead, give me a good reason why new guys won’t post.

Well my reason is that i just like to come here and read some posts and after that it gets me more motivated about doing PE and then i don’t hate doing it. But i plan on posting more in the future when my knowledge about PE increases.


Don’t give up hope just yet. There are some really kind gentlemen here that might remind you to do a search but will still help you. Some will help without even asking you to do a search. I am not to fond of the new search engine. It is harder to find things, or it could be me. And you are right, sometimes you have to go through tons of post just to find the answer you are looking for.

I don’t like the idea of you giving up because people might harass you about doing a search. Since you’ve already mentioned you had questions, why not go ahead and ask them. At least people now know you’ve attempted to do a search. I wish I was able to help you but I don’t think you want to take any advice I have about PE.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

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Wow, ten people have picked “I’m a pay site owner gathering info for my “exclusive” techniques.”

Well, you can take at least one off. I picked it as a goof, but I don’t know about the other nine.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger


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