Why Some Gain More Than Others?

With all of the insight/education I have gained through this site, I feel it is my obligation to contribute something of my own back to the community. Oh and by the way, I am completely addicted to this community of dick pullers and hope to become a long time member myself. Now, my theory is probably more wishful thinking on my part than anything else, since it will benefit people like me most…so here goes.

The basis of my thoughts has to do with the idea that during puberty (14-18 give or take) we have the greatest increase in penis size than any other time in our life (other than maybe as infants/toddlers). Our penises grow at this time of our lives because of the influx of testosterone in our system as a result of puberty. Does this all sound reasonable and accurate so far?

What if I was a shy high schooler that was not intimate with women until after my puberty growth spurt? I would venture to say that even though I was an extremely horny teenager, I would have had a larger supply of testosterone in my system if I were involved in a sexually active relationship. Did I miss out on some growth because of the fact that I could have been pumping more testosterone into my system during this critical growth period of my life?

My first intimate relationship was in college at the age of 18 and I feel that as a result of that relationship I got a late boost of testosterone which I could have gotten at an earlier, more beneficial time. I guess it could go either way…the delayed boost maybe would have helped my penis grow for a longer period of time (past puberty) or the idea that the boost earlier in my life would have helped me more during puberty and easier growth. I am hoping for the latter because that may mean that I have the ability to make faster gains now, since I may have the biological potential for a larger dick (I warned you, this is wishful thinking).

Is this out of left field or what?? I would love to get some feedback from a wide range of members as to when they first had sex and a recap on their gains since starting PE. I have only been doing PE for about 1 month as of now so I can not contribute much insight. I do feel that I will be able to see gains somewhat quickly although it is too early to even speculate.

Please respond by answering the following:

1. Age you first had sex or intimate relationship

2. Pre-PE stats

3. 3, 6, and 12 month gains

4. Any additional info. You feel would be helpful.

5. Feel free to be honest regarding how desperate and full of crap you feel this post is.

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