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Why I've abandoned weights

Why I've abandoned weights

Ok, guys, chew me up and spit me out, but here goes:

In four months and 140 hours in 1996, I went from 6 to 7-1/4 erect using a max of six pounds (with the scary loop attachment).

Since then, I tried once more, got to about 20 hours, nothing.

Bigger inspired me and with the Bib I started hanging again. after 70 hours using 5-15 pounds (between September and mid-November; not good weekly average), my dead stretch went from 7-3/8 MAX* to 7-5/8 MAX*. I was psyched.

The stick hangers were more comfortable than the Bib, and I offered my apologies to Bigger when I stopped recommending the Bib. But I didn’t get far with them when the PowerJelq guy contacted me about using material from my site, and I looked at his weird contraption (talk about conspicuous - it’s as bad as a JES Extender!) and thought, hmmm….next thing I knew I had the principal boiled down to $1.50 worth of wood and a saw, and I was trying it out (maybe PVC is even cheaper - who cares?).

OK: 5 years of PE, my standard answer to “can I make the head bigger?” has ranged from “no” to “I don’t think so.” Mine had always been 1-3/8 across soft, even when my shaft was 1” in diameter. With the sticks, within a week it was at 1-1/2. consistently (I am an obsessive measurer, by the way).

The shaft - never more than 1-1/4” near the head (+1/8 near the base) - almost immediately went to 1-3/8, and now pushes 1-1/2 often.

Dead stretch - in a few weeks of 15 minutes/day- has gone to 7-7/8 MAX.

*When I say MAX I mean the absolute most I can reasonably credit, and not the typical, which at 7-7/8 is a slightly short 7-3/4. I know this measuring is a little flaky and variable, but I have done enough of it that I know when something is happening. Trust me: something is happening.

And the ‘other guy’s dick’ syndrome - you know, where you reach down and go “whoa” or drop your shorts in front of the mirror and say “holy shit!” has become a regular thing the last few weeks.

What I DON’T have is the anxiety of trying to conceal the gizmos and make excuses for 10 or 15 pounds of weights next to my desk.

I can apply more pressure with less pain, vary it instantly, work into the base get all the coolness of the Bib “Uli” or whatever you call it. In 15 minutes a day! No fancy lubes, warmups, shaving pubic hair - none of this ritualistic crap. Just grab and pull, with very little strain on the hands and arms even at tremendous tension.

And here, for me, is the ultimate: concealibiity. I used to have a drum set, and since have always have had a pair of drumsticks around. I can leave the most effective PE device I’ve ever found lying on the coffee table in the living room and no one will consider it unusual for a second (unless they mention the Drummer’s Secret, in which case they’ll certainly get a sly smile ;-).

And two pieces of dowel. If someone questions you, say “I don’t know. You got any use for them?” Give ‘em away if you have to, and make some more.

I’ve been blindly enthusiastic in the past about specific techniques, and yeah, I’m doing it again. If I’m the only one this works for, I’ll go back to weights and everything else on my site. But I believe anyone who gives these things an honest try is going ask “why do weights?”

I hope others will ‘weigh in’ - but remember, not here; this forum is just about hanging weights ;-)


Did I get it right that all your measurements are about flaccid ?
A bigger flaccid, even longer then ever, does not mean a bigger erect.

You know, using two sticks is one of the first ideas which I thought of when starting PE, and I’m sure many others thought of it too along the way. Kudus ( if that’s how you spell it) to you for actually taking the time and effort to give it the second thought which it obviously deserved. It just seemed too simple to actually work. Isn’t it ? :) Seeing the obvious is one of the hardest things in life.

Are you doing it totaly flaccid ? Isn’t it somewhat risky without a warmup ?

Your site, which I stumbled upon by accident, made me start with PE. Thank you so much for letting everyone know what you know, and for free.


No warmup

I’ve been jelqing now for one month for 6 days a week for 15 minutes with no warmup and I’ve gained 1/4 inch erect with both measurements (width and length). I think that if you are jelqing or if your routine is so aggressive as to require a warmup beyond the natural warming up of the jelqing itself that you are doing it too hard. The sticks do create intense engorgement. I’ve always liked the drums…

I moved this thread out of the Hanger’s Forum.

If you guys decide to try Tom’s sticks, begin with GENTLE pulls.

Stop the pull well before you reach the corona.

Be watchful of any numbness or insensitivity!

And post any thoughts, good or bad, so that others may benefit and openly discuss your opinions/ideas.

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Well, I gave it a shot.

Probably give it a few more, too. I tried it with wooden dowels and found it very difficult to do this in the verticle. Good in theory, a real bitch in practice. For the hell of it, I also did a few horizontal “power jelq type strokes”. I seriously recommend against this type of stuff (horizontal), especially with wooden sticks. Aside from potentially endangering the nerve on top, this sort of behavior really does seem like it could irritate the livin’ fuck out of one’s urethra in time. If anything, foam tape or some type of padding on the sticks might be the way to go. Possibly bastard file a slight indention (about CC size) in the center of sticks to gain control, as they do tend to wander. The whole notion of jelqing/pulling on the penis without an OK or trapping grip at the base seems pretty futile to me, but some claim it works. Then again, I never had a whole lot of success with these types of techniques either. Still, it does appear to have some potential to work the CC if done correctly in the verticle. To what avail, I do not know. This does not get the level of engorgement of a base wrap/Bib clamped, but it may in some permutaion allow one to concentrate in a specific area such as a bend/curvature. Anyone else try this stuff? groa


File, that is…the long kind with the flat side as well as convex side. Convex side works quite well for “rolling” out a CC grove in the center of the sticks. I just had a 5/8 inch dowel laying around and used that. It’s considerably thicker than most drumsticks, unless your talking about the heavy duty clubs, but the extra diameter allows one to file in more of a groove. Center of groove is about 3/8” diameter at thinnest and groove length is roughly an inch. That is actually enough to keep my dick (5”G) from twisting about in the stroke when using this vertically If one is to get daring and try this technique horizontally, definately groove the sticks as it will aleviate the pressure on the top/center of shaft. Remember that sandpaper! Might be a good idea to rub expoxy or urethane into wood to protect, but be mindful of any reaction with lubricants. No clue as to utility yet, it’s been mostly carpentry work thus far. groa

Hi guys !

I tried it today also for the first time with two pencils and I have quite a good feeling with it . I will give it a chance for a longer time .

See you wantmore

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