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Why is pe only in the underground

Originally Posted by SimonClass

But it doesn’t explain why the western world (doctors, medicines industry) doesn’t know of it. There is so much money in this business. The decadent western society would spend so much money on PE if the majority would know that PE is working. I do not see any reason why PE is “underground” when it’s really working.

Western? Then let me tell a non-western story. Here in China, many men will purchase those “enlarge pills”, most of pills are made in USA. But they are too lazy to do PE. At the same time, most non-free PE routing are fake, if one tried and failed, he will say to himself:”I am too stupid to do this, and I won’t try any of them anymore”.

And many girls will purchase “loosing weight pills”, but they are too lazy to do exercises.

Originally Posted by androNYC
Fitness took decades to be other than scoffed at by the medical community

Would you mind elaborating on this. I find this interesting, but I know nothing about the history of fitness in our culture. Exactly what was the initial response, and how did it change?

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
I suspect that a good number of doctors (maybe a fourth of young, Internet-savvy ones) are aware that there may be ways to increase penis size through, for example, extended traction or pumping, but if a patient asks a doc about this sort of thing, the safest response, for reasons of liability, is to say that none of it works and to accept one’s God-given penis size. No doc wants to face a lawsuit when some patient has to have his gangrenous cock amputated. When knowledge of PE as a means of self-enhancement becomes more mainstream, to the point that most men are aware of it independent of their doctors, then docs may be less hesitant to talk about it, the same way they’re willing to talk about bodybuilding or other risky-but-mainstream self-enhancement activities for which they are not likely to be held responsible, should their patients participate in them.

Very insightful.

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
but I can’t really see a lot of docs arguing that it’s their business to be helping patients increase the size of their normal penises.

Right or wrong, they are seen as making megabucks off of men’s psychological insecurities and shirking their professional duty to help treat “real” medical disorders.

I doubt if it will be the mainline of medical practitioners who will get on the PE bandwagon; you are right, they are too busy healing people, thankfully. But there will be others within the medical community, broadly characterized, who will develop this specialized industry. Yes, urologists who do surgical “enhancement” may be scoffed at by their more proper colleagues. But, e.g., breasts enhancements for women are much more acceptable. My gosh, even implants for men to make their chest or shoulders or buttocks bigger are treated as a legitimate form of non-necessary plastic surgery. Ditto newer, better, though false, teeth; nose jobs; you name it. If you are younger, they will even repeatedly break and reset the bones in your legs to add a couple of extra inches to your height! I know a woman who had her stomach stapled, so that she would eat less and lose weight, which she did. She also went out and got the new breasts and new face, in addition to having all that loose skin she acquired from losing weight sliced off. All this is quite okay in the medical community. It is dicks that are frowned upon. In particular, it’s the very idea of big dicks[ that has everyone concerned. This is very related to the whole mythology of the black man dating the white woman: Fear! And why? All black men have big dicks, don’t they? The men in our society, at least, fear big dicks!

But money is a greater incentive than fear. This whole thing is a cash cow waiting to be milked dry!

Originally Posted by motivated
Would you mind elaborating on this. I find this interesting, but I know nothing about the history of fitness in our culture. Exactly what was the initial response, and how did it change?

They thought it was for weirdos.

Professional athletes did no more than calisthenics - at best.* The prevailing thought was that weight training would make them muscle-bound. Which there is validity to, if the guy doesn’t stretch. But weight training was seen as something oiled up guys in speedos did before posing against each other.

As I said, it was thought of as something weirdos did who might possibly be gay. Or were gay. Not my thoughts, it was the prevailing thought of the day.

* And some didn’t even do that. Babe Ruth was a notorious marathon drinking, womanizer for example.

Originally Posted by anonymous07128
They thought it was for weirdos.

Professional athletes did no more than calisthenics - at best.*

We’ve come a long way, I guess. I’m certain that the general public would think that anyone who pumps or hangs weights off of his dick is a weirdo, to say the least. It will change. I know it. It will change.

Its a secret, an advantage. These guys are swanning around with bats that they don’t have to train.

PE will get to mainstream.

When it does, a PE health spa with would be cool.

I want to add that indeed there are some sites in the Internet, they do not seem pe related and seem to have an credible background, who are telling that pe is working, but only in a range of may be a 1 inch gain and not 3 or more. They are also saying that lig surgery brings not the claimed gains, you only get a lower exit point which results in longer flaccid hang and not NBPEL length gains, which is right according to the opinion of a lot of people here.

So may be one reason why the medicine is ignoring pe, is that you can only gain 1 inch, the rest is only because you can push the ruler more into the fat pat then you could do before pe.

Doctors only consider a small penis something less than say 5”. They do recommend penis enlargement exercises and traction devices to correct most small penis problems.

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What are some of these Internet sites?

Here’s a thought?
PE’ing is now only underground, but if it ever kicks off BIG-TIME, then Thunder’s Place will become a Multi BILLION DOLLAR business!

Wow Thunder, how does this thought make you feel? Or are you a billion dollar business already, but your keeping it - underground.

I'm pissed of with my gains and loses. I've been doing this for more than 4 years. I keep measuring wrong and the next time I update my signature you will see impressive results.

Yeah, and they don’t even make enough money to have a toilet to take a shit in. :D

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"


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