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Why is a penis curved?

Why is a penis curved?

Guys I can`t find any information why is a penis curved to the side? Is it a chamber problem or ligament? I am not talking about peyronese or whatever that is. Some people seem to have curved penises since as long as they can remember. Anybody knows why?

A curved penis is a normal penis, as in more have a curved penis than straight. Your body grows on both sides at different rates. The majority of women have one breast bigger than the other, especially when they are still going through puberty. Most peoples faces are not symetrical too, split photos with a mirror to notice this. One ball usually hangs lower than the other too.

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ok i know that but what is the reason for curved penis.?

uneven ligament size, i’d guess

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Peyronies disease is basicly scar tissue replacing the internal penis tissue and therefore causing the bending.

If we are talking about a state that doesn’t involve Peyronies and it has been like that as long as you can remember, usually your other half has simply developed better, mayby because of restrictive clothing causing lower blood circulation on the other CC in your childhood. Also this can be caused by jelqing, even though it’s a rarerity. Some have had good results in correcting by jelqing against the curve.

Note that possible causes can also be some kind of injury, Vitamin E deficiency, use of beta-blocking agents, autoimmune phenomena, any kind of penile surgery, tear in the tunica, etc…

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Originally posted by kowal
ok i know that but what is the reason for curved penis.?

I presume the 2 CC tubes grow to different sizes. I curve to the left and feel far more tension on the left side, like a taut cord wearas the right is still loose. The curve is straightening out though.

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