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Why I do 1 day on, 2 days off...Discussion

Why I do 1 day on, 2 days off...Discussion

Hey guys…I just started PE again and Im thinkin about stay w/ a 1 on, 2 days off routine b/c I feel like if thats the rest you give to ur muscles after working out, you should give that rest to your dick as well…B/c if you damage cell walls(by pe’ing) you will not give them enough time to repair themselves before you PE again the next day…? Do you guys agree or not.? Big gainers (1”+), what are your schedules like?? Thx. Oh, and I forgot to add…Right now, I am only doing length excersizes as I already have pretty large girth, so please put that into consideration.



Not a big gainer yet, but perhaps I can offer a view on your questions, although you sound fairly knowledgible already.

As to the breaks, less is more, and if you can bear to take two rest days off after every one exercise day then that is good. Do this for a few weeks to see whether you can go further. If your erections suffer, then take even more time off. People heal at different rates, so mimicking a big gainer does not always result in success. You may even find that you end up PEing nearly every day with very little rest. Experiment, and take your time.

As to the healing of damage. In the first few months or so of your PE career you may wish to allow complete healing before more exercise is done. You may change this later, as many believe that regular exercise will keep the penis healing in an extended state, but you must be conditioned first. The best advice anyone can give you is the listen to your body.

Finally, although you want lenth only, I would still suggest light jelqing as it has the potential to improve your erections, and also I believe that stretching and other exercises may involve scar tissue being created, which would limit your capacity to gain, and maybe even get an erection. Some believe that light jelqing can ‘break up’ this tissue and allow full expansion. I leave that to your reasearch however!

Again, won’t include my schedule, as I’m not in your big gainer club! :o

Right on target ICM - listen to your body.

Over the last 6 months I’ve been identifying different kinds of aches in my unit that tell me what to do next. There’s one ache that tells me that I’ve been stretching the ligs successfully and that they can take more. There’s another ache that tells me that the ligs need a break. After a couple of intense sessions, I don’t feel anything more in the ligs and that tells me that they’re toast and need a night’s rest. There’s a whole different set of aches that tell me what the tunica is doing.

Like ICM said, you have to listen to your body. It takes a while to learn all the messages, and I’m still discovering new ones all the time. I’ve found that stretching alone is slower than also including girth exercises. I also believe that some light jelqing can help your length efforts. The extra blood flow is essential as the stretches drive the blood out of your unit.

I experienced the fastest gains while doing a combo of length and girth work. I believe that any girth exercise that creates intense internal pressure loosens up the cells of the tunica in both directions and makes them more pliable for your stretching routine. I had to give up the girth routine because the wife told me BJs were getting too difficult. Since then, length gains have been coming much slower.

Listen to your body and it will tell you when to take a break in any part of your routine or to take a break altogether.

I'm hung like Einstein and smart as a horse.

I cannot believe you made your previous gains with this schedule. Your cock has nothing to do with muscle tissue so the recovery time thing is just not the same.

If anything, I think you should switch it around and go 2 on and 1 off. Especially for lig work, cuz if they don’t stay stretched, they are going to recover all the way back to original length.

If this is true then why aren’t people wearing ADS and why does there seem to be little gains by doing ADS only(most of the folks replies I read on this board said they didn’t get much gains, well compared to hanging)? You seem to be saying it is time related, then why even have rest at all? If rest is needed then there is more than deformation going on. Is rest just for the hell of it because we are sore?

I’m really trying to understand, that is why I’m asking. I guess the reason that ADS may not work so well is because you can’t give yourself enough tension, but on the other hand if that is true isn’t something breaking down needing to rebuild(which is back to rest period).

Anyway, thanks for any response in trying to explain this to me. As you can tell I’m a thinker(have OCD), so I go on these little tangents trying to figure things out… :)

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One of the main problems with ADS is the method used to grip your cock all day basically cuts off circulation after awhile and becomes uncomfortable. Plus overdoing something usually is not the way to go.

I like to go by the theory of tissue memory. Your cock has a definite memory of its current size and it requires a lot of time at its new size in order for that size memory to be altered. It doesn’t have to be all day, but it does have to be repeated frequently over a long period of time for it to take hold. That is why most PE sites tell you to go for 6 on and 1 off. But like anything, this can be adjusted to fit your body type. One thing for sure though, I don’t think 1 on and 2 off will do it. There is just too much recovery time there to let your cock go back to its old memory size

Originally Posted by gprent101
One thing for sure though, I don’t think 1 on and 2 off will do it. There is just too much recovery time there to let your cock go back to its old memory size

Aright man…I see ur point…I’ll try 2 days on, 1 day off…And by the way, when I was pe-ing pre-hiatus, I did not have the 1 day on 2 days off schedule…It was more frequent..I just dont want to injure myself eventhough I have NEVER had sore ligs….In fact, after peing, I have never had sore anything…Wierd

Oops, sorry Thunder.. Wish I could edit it but I can’t…You’re welcome to change it though…


I have only been at this for about ten days or so, but today I was going to stretch this morning and my ligs at the base are very sore, does this mean I should keep stretching them? I do some jelqing with a little squeezes every morning and night, but stretching only at one of the times.


Until you learn the difference between “good sore” and “bad sore,” err on the safe side and take some rest.

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