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Why haven't I seen results after 2 months?


Kevin12 has posted here, you may want to read his progress report. Read every entry. Sounds like what you are going through is identical to his experience. He is now gaining, and fast.

Sept. 4, '07: BPEL 6.875 inches, EG widest 5.25

Goal: Double digits

Describe your routine.

In detail: First month I did 2 days on, one day off. Second month was 5 days on, 2 days off. This is how I do it:

Hot bath for 5-10 minutes. All stretching exercises are 30 seconds in lenght.


Now I Jelq for 10 minutes. Second month I started doing 15 minutes. Problem is my lube is drying off after about 5 minutes and I don’t want to stop because I got the impression that Jelqing is a cumulative exercise (for example: if you take a break for 30 seconds you have to start over).

Because two months ain’t Jack, Frost.

Hehe… you’re killing me…

First of all let me ask you some questions. Do you drink a lot? Drugs? Do you workout? Do you eat right? Do you take a multivitamin daily? Are you jelqing correctly? Are you warming up? Are your erections any harder than before PE?

Drink maybe once every second month. No drugs at all. Working out hard 3 days /week + other sporting activity 2 days /week. Multivitamin? No, but I eat fruit and vegetables every day. Jelqing correctly? I’ve read about it and watched the instruction video. I can’t imagine what I would be doing wrong. Erections harder? That’s hard to tell. I would however say that my maximum-erection now is harder than it was before. But I do not stay hard longer than before.

If you are consistent and are doing things correctly, the newbie routine will work for just about every penis. Take a week off, start the newbie routine exactly as it is described once again my friend. Do it seriously and consistently for 6 months. Jelq gently with about a 50-60% erection and don’t forget to warm up. Then come back and if you report no gains, we’ll have a conversation about considering hanging.

I will keep it up, it’s just so difficult mentally when I’m not sure if it will work. I can’t see why hanging would be a bad idea.

Make stretch session for 25-30 min (each stretch 1 min) and your jelq session 30 min, this is how I gained 0.7 cm after 7-8 weeks. (For some the newbie routine is just to accustom your dick to the exercise)

I’ll try to increase to that amount of time.

Kevin12 has posted here, you may want to read his progress report. Read every entry. Sounds like what you are going through is identical to his experience. He is now gaining, and fast.

I’ll find his posts. Maybe they’ll help me. Thanks!

If you have time then try a jelqing routine in the day and before you go to bed this should keep your penis ‘tired out’ then rest for a day and continue..

Also read Chrono’s log he has many in depth theories and observations, and Kingpole’s post on Jelqing Advice. Kingpole’s jelqing advice log is what got me started. You might want to even start from scratch with about 50 jelqs, 5 on 2 off, for a week, and then move up to 60 for week 2, 70 on week 3. I know it sounds like nothing but this is a marathon not a race. Most of the Vets will even tell you, you need to take as much time as possible. Speaking of which, take atleast 3-5 days off before you change to the routine I suggested, if you decide to do it.

I was doing these exercises for about a month and a half with no kind of result. My girlfriend said she could tell a difference, but the measurements said otherwise. I got really sick for a month and didn’t really feel up to doing it over that period of time. So now I figure I’m probably going to have to start from ground zero again. I just need to get into a routine and stick with it.

Guys, the ruler is only one measure- be patient, make haste slowly

Be the tortoise.

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Warm up, stick to your stretch routine - try kegelling while stretching in certain angles for an even harder stretch, the V stretches and whatnot seem alright too, I.e. Stretching your cock around your wrist. Stretch throughout the day as you get an opportunity, for instance when sitting on the throne (toilet).

Jelq jelq jelq! Wet jelqs are great for length and you should probably be aiming at doing around 200-300. I did these broken up into sets of 50. When done right and with enough heat you will find your penis hanging longer and fatter and it may also be slightly red and flushed after your workout. I would perform my wet jelq stroke for about 2 seconds, every now and then kegelling blood into my penis to keep things flowing. Don’t worry about taking a 30 second break - I think it’s actually a good idea. This is what I did in between sets and I noticed no problems with it. Also massaging your cock after a couple of sets isn’t a bad idea, just to loosen things up a bit.

If you can, make sure you edge for around 5 minutes (masturbate your freshly jelqed cock to the point of cumming then hold out) at the end of a session and then perform a 5-10 minute warm down. I believe this step is fundamental to improving gains.

I found it quite easy to gain length and gained around an inch in a matter of months using this routine.. Girth is proving to be a different kettle of fish however! =\

Okay, I’m still looking for parts to the hanger but I will keep doing this routine until I have found parts and built a hanger (which will take probably two weeks). I might continue jelqing even after that, however, I will quit stretching and instead hang. What I found during the period i used the JES extender was that a forced stretch will stretch your penis out as far as it can be stretched. When you stretch manually by hand you can never even get past that elastic state, so logic dictates that there will be less stress on the ligs. That’s why hanging would logically succeed where manual hanging fails. But I’m just a noob, and I read what more experienced people sya here at the forum, and I care about their advice. So I try to put it all to pieces in my head and try different things and see what works for me.

Another logic conclusion: If I haven’t gained anything in two months, and I’ll discover a 2mm gain after 3 months, then logic dictates that 2mm in lenght for me will take 3 months! In other words, a full centimeter will take over a year for me! When I read what some people writes it sounds like if you suggest that gaining is like “nothing-nothing-nothing” and then BOOM-gains! That sounds just illogical to me. I imagine gains has a steady tempo. But I’m just a noob so it’s just my speculation…


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