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Why exactly does jelquing increase penile size

Why exactly does jelquing increase penile size

It seems like a simple massage to me. Why does it make the penis elongate?

`Start: 5"NBPEL, 6"BPEL, 4.5"EG

`Current: 5"NBPEL, 6"BPEL, 4.5"EG

So far a few fractions of inch increase on base erect girth.

What is happening is that the tissues, the smooth outer layer, the CC and the CS are experiencing micro tears as you force more blood into your unit. Then as you take a rest day or sleep the body is able to heal itself in the longer state.

I don’t know if you have ever done this, but have you ever milked a cow? The motion of milking is what you are suppose to be doing (if I understand things correctly) and bringing blood into the area and forcing it outward creating a bigger unit.

I hope that helped, and good question by the way.

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I’ve PE’d for a while now, and am just now understanding the importance of jelqing.

Wearing a condom during your routine is not necessarily practicing safe PE!

Then what IS the importance? (:

Originally Posted by Nissen

Then what IS the importance? (:

the important thing is knowing how to jelq in a way that is effective for YOUR penis. reading the signs correctly and finding when you get gains from doing what. Jelqing is the most important exersize

Funny thing about jelqing: When I started PE I did pretty much only jelqing, with minimal stretches, and gained over a half inch. When I took a break, and even up to a month after returning, I had lost a quarter of an inch. When I had returned, I wasn’t concentrating on jelqing at all until right before I got back what I lost. I was stretching and clamping, but not jelqing. Once I started jelqing again, I got my gains back in just a few days.

Everybody has different bodies, so I’m not going to say that “jelqing is the greatest thing and your dick will fall off if you don’t do it.” But, for me at least, jelqing was the most important part of PE.

The other thing that I’ve noticed about jelqing (in addition to what has already been stated) is that the arteries and veins in my penis are healthier and firmer. Jelqing for me is a good “in between” workout to restore penile health after a heavy workout week.

Jelqing is good for thickness, but does very little for length though. Stretching is the most important exercise for length.

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