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Why does it take so long...

Why does it take so long...

to get good gains from PE. Why does it have to take damn long to get gains? If you can get gains in a 2 months, why can’t you get them in a month. And if you can get them in a month, why can’t you get them in 2 weeks?

Ok guys, this isn’t a serious question so don’t bombard me with smartass remarks as to how tough the ligs and tunica are, I’m just venting my frustration. But, I kinda see it as a good thing because I can see how this is going to take away some of our competition in PE. People just don’t have the determination to get what they want even if they “really” want it. Keep it up guys, we’ll all get there some day!

Rome wasn’t built in a day…..but it still got built.

"The world is a one way mirror. What they see, is what you see. What do you want people to see?" Women. If you're going to swing...swing for the fucking fences. "The reasonable man insists on adapting to the world. The unreasonable man persists on having the world adapt to him. Therefore, all progress in the world is made by the unreasonable man." "Success is not a surprise."

In bodybuilding; if everything is done right with good nutrition you are lucky to pack on 10lbs( average) of real muscle in a year. Take in consideration what that might be in relation to your total weight.
This of course is based on natural bodybuilding; no steroids, etc…

PE gains are small typically, but not so small if you put in perspective compared to your total penis size and weight. I am not saying or comparing the penis to a muscle, but people just expect too much too soon.
It takes time to do it right. :)

Well be happy you didn’t start at a good 4 inches BP. It may be hard to gain but be grateful you are as far as you are now, whatever the size may be. It helps not to think about what size you would like to have someday but look at how much you have gained so far.

We all have been there trust me. My little devil also thinks that if it is hard to do that when you get there it will be that much more of an accomplishment and fewer people will be able to surpass you. :nerner:

Tom Confucious say: Better to stand atop the mountain you have climbed then to look at the foot of another.


"Yeah, we don't need another smart ass ... we have our share already." - ThunderSS

I think it’s knowing what you could be, and what you are now that gets us frustrated. If we know for a fact that we can have a 9” dick, and we’ve been slacking off and haven’t been PEing as much as we should it makes us that much more depressed or self-conscious. I know that keeping a consistent schedule is the most important part of PE, because that’s when I’m confident about my penis. When I know I have a really nice sized penis, I have already got good gains from what i started with, I know that I will have a BIG dick some day, and I know that I’m doing everything I can to get what I want.

9 inches as big is subjective. It is 1 inch above what we think most women want on these boards, so if you a 9 then you are “big” because no women would ever shoot you down over that size. What if women wanted a 12” cock? Does that mean 9 is small now? You see where this going? At some point you need to accept that any gains are good no matter where they lay on the ruler even if it is only a .5” gain and not think that you have to be x inches or it is all for nothing.

I agree though that consistency is key. We can’t expect results without effort.


"Yeah, we don't need another smart ass ... we have our share already." - ThunderSS

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