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Why do you have a bend

Why do you have a bend

Say you had a left bend (not Peyronie) would it be because one ligament is longer than the other? Or one sides girth is larger than the other? Or is it neither?

It can be that - ie. That one side of the penis is simply longer than the other due to asymmetrical growth. But it can also be due to the formation of scar tissue inside the chambers of the penis. This could be caused by injury, but not always. I have a downwards curve myself and I have yet to find out exactly what’s causing that.

When I mean bend not a bend on the penis (like it’s straight til mid shaft and then bends) but a bend where the penis itself is straight but it’s aiming right.

I have it, and the cause is that one CC is bigger than the other. It feels softer and, in contrast to the smaller one, does respond to jelqing very quickly. So all in all, jelying increases my bend and lets my dick look funny.

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