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Why do we do it? Power or insecurity?

Why do we do it? Power or insecurity?

I am 46yrs old and have been insecure about my size after a girl told me I was small. At about 5.5-6.0 E.L & 5.0 G I didn`t think I was that small. I was 18yrs old at the time,very young and impressionable. That one incedent has effected my whole life,no matter how daft or irrational I may think it is, it hits at the very core of my being.

Another part of me knows that having a larger nob will make very little physical difference, as love making is not just the physical act and is a far more complicated issue than that!

I am now 7.5 BPEL and 5.75 G, quite a bit bigger, I really feel little different than before, inside that is.

I Suppose I just wonder what it is that motivated you to start PE?

What was it that triggered this desire?

What is your history?

I just thought it might be enlightening to here some different angles!

Thanks Along


I debated a while before deciding to reply to your thread- and I definitely didn’t want to be first, but here goes nothing :)

I got involved in PE through a bulk email that took me to a site on natural penis enlargement- I bought in after the same email came through about a dozen times and the rest, as they say, is history.

As a newbie (hell, I’m still a newbie) I started with a small dick. 5.25 erect (bone pressed) with a 4.75 girth at base. Flaccid 3” bone pressed- smaller than most everyone. I am now 42 and have had low self esteem from having a small penis most of my life.

As most of you can probably relate to, I started getting really self conscious at 13 years old when you start showering after gym class and sports. There were many comments ‘indirectly’ made- but very few to my face, as I was 6’3” and around 200 lbs- so a direct comment from someone would have resulted in their death. But the indirect teasing continued to the point where I would shower in a seperate area from the rest of my team in college.

I got married (13 years), then divorced because the ex cheated on me- and you know what? I blame most of it on my small dick. I know there was much more to it than that, but low self esteem from penis size can really take over how you interact in the world.
I am a big guy, I overcompensated and worked out because I was trying to make up for my dick being so little. I got healthy and muscular, but the low self esteem haunts me to this day.

I am praying for a miracle with PE- that it works for me like it works for you guys. So far my prayers are being answered :) Anyways, it is just nice to be able to talk about this in a forum where most guys can relate- and I am glad I found you guys. OK, now that the ice has been broken lets’ see some more posts instead of just viewing and leaving :)

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'

Interesting questions Along, I´ll do my best, though I´m afraid my story is rather dull.

I stumbled across some links to penisenlargerprograms while searching for warez a few years ago, when you still could do that without getting pornlinks ONLY. checked the links out, read about it, thought “This must be a scam”, then bought in :P

The idea was, if it doesn´t work I deserve to lose the money for being a sucker and if it works, hey, that would be great.

Before that I hadn´t even thought about the size of my penis, the girls I had been with had commented on it as “big” at about 6.5” x 5.25” but I didn´t really care much about it. “Things girls say”, I thought. Not because I felt insecure, but because I felt neither big nor small.

I had a steady girlfriend but no job and a lot of time to kill, this is why I found the link to begin with. I started doing various jelq exercises and even told girlfriend about it, she liked to watch and sex was a sure outcome, perhaps not the best from a PE perspective but really, I didn´t care. She asked if it wold make my dick bigger and I said “Nah, I don´t think so, I do this to get stronger erections and maintain them strong as I grow older.”, “Great,”, she said, “because I don´t want you any bigger”.

Yeah, right, that´s why she moaned much more whenever I was extra hard and big… But she really believed this herself, because she raised the question several times and showed concern that if I was to get bigger then maybe she wouldn´t be able to take me the same way anymore.

Well, I continued this for maybe half a year until we broke up and I got other things on my mind, still don´t know if I gained anything or how much. I think I did, but I never measured, my guess would be maybe 1/4” in lenght, girth I have no idea.

A couple of years passed and I stumbled across another link like this, thought “What the hell, here we go again” and bought in on another site. Did some exercises for a time but stopped due to lack of motivation, picked it up again half a year later when I had a vacation and time to kill again. Found a link to here on the forums and discovered the Holy Grail of PE.

So now I´m pretty serious and have started hanging, which takes some dedication and time, but I enjoy it. Too bad I don´t have more privacy.

The downside is that I´m no longer carefree about my size, now I feel small instead, because I compare myself with the big guys. I always tend to do that, compare myself to the best. Now I´m more like “Yeah, it´s OK, but it could be bigger… . o O (Will be BIGGER)”. But I´m doing PE for ME, not for any woman. Every woman I´ve met have been more than satisfied with my current size, so I know there´s no real need. I just feel it would be awsome to have a bigger unit, to be able to penetrade properly from every angle, but most of all for aesthetics.

So that´s my, lenghty, story.

Why do I do it?

I think I am pretty average size-wise and am satisfied overall. I am 41 and have been happily married for 17 years. My measurements are 6.5 EBP length and 5.5 girth at mid shaft. I am pretty much always experimenting with my body trying to make it better (maybe a compulsion - I don’t know) I work out (no steriods) and take a lot of supplements such as creatine, glutamine, GABA, arginine, etc. I try to be safe in whatever I do. I really enjoy hanging when I can. I try to do that 4-5 times a week 2 to 3 x a day. I am currently at 15 LBS. I have had some modest gains in erect length 1/4 to 1/2 inch ebpl over the last three months. I am going mainly for length at this time. I guess my bottom line is if I can make things better without hurting myself, I am willing to try. I have a “grower” not a show-er so when flaccid it tends to shrivel up pretty good (bad). I mainly want a better flaccid hang, so when my wife sees me I am “swinging meat” instead of having a shrived up little turtle head. I know that sounds strange but thats mainly why I do it.

Why I did it

Even though I don’t feel like it I guess I started out a little better then average with 8” nbpel x 6.5”… I was one of the guys people make fun of for cuming to fast, I could last forever on blowjobs but once I inserted I was lucky if I could last 8 thrusts. I learned to eat pussy because of this problem so at least that is a positive I can think about.

The end came crashing down on me when I learned my wife was having an affair (first part of this year) with a guy who was obviously a better lover then me! I saw and read enough to know he was smaller in size then myself by alot but that did little to make me feel better… My wife said she loved me and didn’t want to loose me and being that I loved her very much took her back…

I quickly made an appt with my doctor and told him everything, he told me to snap one of the prozac pills my wife was on into thirds and take that prior to sex by an hour, it helped but not that much.. I went back and the good dr told me about squeezing the end of the penis prior to ejacluation which was a pain in the ass and made me feel stupid.. I started to search the internet for “Premature ejaculation” “PE” for short and stumbled onto the site and became a member… I have been PEing my trout to death and my ejaculation problem has improved more than I ever hoped it could. I started to keep track of the progress at PE fourm last month….

I even got .5” length nbp out of it… I’m going to do my level best to stick with it for at least 1 year, stop and keep track of my PE problem that drew me to this in the first place… I know it helped my premature ejaculation problem out beyond my expectations and must admit that I thought the penis enlargment aspects were bull-shit until my wife started saying things to me about it getting bigger… My erections are now on a par with the ones I had while serving in the Military and often times hurt because there is so much more pressure… I was hurt beyond words at the actions of my wife and it could be that God led me to these forums as it has been a great source of healing and information for me…

Thanks, guys..

Yah, I think JC was a hanger. Just kiddin!!!!!!!!

Bad joke, I know. Couldn’t resist.

It’s good to hear that things are going well for you. Hang in there, DAMN -there I did it again! LOL

"If you build it, they will come".

tryn4more……not funny….hang it up…..he he he

Zero insecurity, no power trip, but if you can get a bigger dick why not?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

possibly.....cuz I have screw loose.

Well my reason is pretty stupid to most people. Not that I tell anyone besides my girlfriend that i”m doing this. But the couple girls that I’ve shown myself to, when asked if they think I should be bigger basically said, “Why in the world would you want to be bigger, one friend of mine (girl) said it would be just plain scary”.

So as I became sexually active the first person I was active with immediatly commented on my size. Her boyfirend was about 5.5 x 4.5. I know cuz he was my best friend at the time. whoops…. ( 16 years old) And me being at 8 x 5.5 the term “huge” was given to me. And every girl since then has commented in some way positively about my size. So needless to say I’ve never felt insecure about my penis size.

Then I meet the girl I’m gonna marry. Not only does she not know that girls are supposed to want a big dick, she doesn’t care. She wasn’t impressed and ovbiously didn’t make any comments in the begginning of our relationship. This blew me away. She had only seen one other penis in her life and it was her ex who was quite a bit smaller than I becuase she said she couldn’t even really remember it. So it obviously didn’t make much of an impression. Not to mention she used to hate to fool around. So finally I told her to ask her firends what they thought of a 8” penis. So she ask them “what’s big” and all 4 girls agreed that 6 was good, 7” was big, and 8” was huge. So from then on she was aware, but still not impressed. She just plain doesn’t care, says she loves me and is going to marry me, not my dick. So I’m thinking maybe if I was 9”x 6” I might would impress her then….

I know, definatly have screw loose, I have a girl that loves me, she’s a Virgin, and to date the bigest thing that has been in her is one of my fingers. She is a very petite girl, so needless to say “small” down there too. She absolutly loves my penis, as it is a part of me,, and has never seen or had a larger one. And she might be the one wholesome girl on the planet that actually couldln’t care less about penis size. She acutally thinks I have to much and after cumming after I’ve shruken down quite a bit calls that “the perfect size” for her. What’s my problem????


I agree that you should be happy, but I more than well understand you too.

When you have a big tool and you´re used to positive comments, of course you want to hear the same from your wife! Otherwise it´s almost like an unexploited resource. Like being extremly handsome and married to a blind chick. Hmmm, OK, bad analogy. Like a hot chick being married to a blind guy then ;)

Seriously though, it´s a bit like a big interest, you want your partner to be as into it as you (no pun intended).


relax there pal, maybe you make sex diffiicult with a bigger one.

Wait until you have a couple of children, THEN you could benifit from a bigger one :-)

My gains comes with pretty good timing, as most girls seems to have children in my age (over 30).


Insecurity or Power

Thanks to all who have replied so far.

Almost anything we do is affected by our conditioning,our past and the environment we live in.

It is very difficult for especially men to express how they feel, It all tends to be reflected inward causing great stress.

For us to be able to express these feelings without fear of reprisal or jest is very important.

I tell you what, It makes me feel a whole lot better hearing from all of you.

If you feel like writing or replying to any post, but can`t quite pluck up the courage,dig deep, I tell you , It feels good!

Great place Thunder

Thanks to all

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