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Why do they say pumping is not permanent but clamping is?

Pumps do not suck !

Removing some air creates an unequal pressure balance meaning your natural blood pressure meets less resistance and expands into the vacuum


That’s sucking.

Ok we are splitting hairs over language here but the point is that a vacuum does not pull on the outside of your penis,

When you drink through a straw you create a partial vaccum in your mouth but its air pressure pushing down on the surface of the water

that drives it up the straw.

When you create a lower pressure sucking of air, the remaining matter tends to expand. Agree? So pumping is basically sucking. So true that, actually, I don’t use a pump : I use the mouth, suck air, and the job is done.

So, I think it is somewhat clear why pumping and clamping are different. Clamping expand ‘from the inside’ because the reduced volume, caused by pressing on your penis, together with the alteredblood inflow-outflow balance, creates more internal pressure. There is more blood in less space.

Although both methods are based on mechanic force. The force, in the case of clamping, is more focused on CC.

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Have that point if you like then, it doesn’t change the laws of physics though.

Hell, we are lucky that, on about 150,000 members, there is at least one who knows the laws of physics. How we survived so long?

Sorry dude posted that last one before i saw your reply,

No problem. Time to get along I think. Just hope what I was trying to say is understandable, actually. I’m not ENS.

Originally Posted by marinera

Just hope what I was trying to say is understandable,

me too

On reflection i should have said “a vacuum doesn’t suck” not a pump.

As to why people say clamping is more effective maybe its because pumps have been around and getting abused for a long time

whereas clamping is relatively new,

Its also possible that it actually is more effective but at this point who knows

Originally Posted by marinera
Yeah, me too I’m soft coming out; or, to be more precise, I lose the erection as I enter in the tube. Can’t remeber if the first times I tried had this reaction, though.

The strange thing is: my penis can stand even crazy pressures ‘from the outside’ (clamping, jelqing etc, - I remember having ruined hose clamps while clamping without reporting an injury) but when pressure is coming ‘from the inside’, it seems things are different. Hope it is clear what I mean.

I think pumping puts very little stress on the internal valves, and clamping puts a lot of stress on them. It may actually be that stressing the valves is helpful in many guys.

I still would love to know the actual brand name of what most would consider the best pump to get and also where the best place to purchase it would be (online).

goldenbear, you would be much better off with that question in the Pumper’s Forum (much better than in the Main Member Forum in a thread on pumping compared to clamping):

Pumper’s Forum

There are lots of threads there on buying pumping equipment. Search is your friend.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

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If I am hanging, I can say, “start with 2 lbs and work up to 5 lbs”, and this can be precisely replicated anywhere on the planet.

Except in the rest of the world where they use metric!
LOL!! Sorry…


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