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why did a normal condom fit me?


why did a normal condom fit me?

Short story is I picked up a chick last night and ended up back at her place.

We get naked. She gets me hard and proceeds to put a condom on me. I’ve got a Magnum in my pants pocket, but my pants are on the floor and she beats me to the punch.

The fucking normal condom fit me! What the fuck!

I have a fat Viagra boner that is 5.75+ MSEG easy and probably pushing 6 immediately below that point.

To be clear, she didn’t roll the thing all the way down but I’m still like what the fuck.

Anyway, we fuck, she swallows me whole on top, tells me to go easy doggy.
Never once says anything about my size.

Gee I thought I was way past norml condoms.

Don’t feel bad: google “condom over head”.

It’s a question of comfort, not possibility.

Did your dick get as big as it normally does or did it shrink a bit to accommodate the condom?

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

As foryouprivacy said, any condom can fit over your arm, or even your head, easily. It’s just a matter of smaller condoms being a tighter, more constrictive fit.

Originally Posted by baywatch
Never once says anything about my size.

Lots of women never comment on size.

baywatch just take it as a learning experience. How could you have taken control and handled this differently. One example would have been to gently hold her hand once you saw the condom and say “normal condoms are to tight for me” get the one in your pants and hand it to her. I know its the heat of the moment and you could come up with other ways to handle the situation. Now you know and can prepare yourself. Back in the “stone age” before marriage I remember different brands of condoms felt tighter or looser.

Maybe she had magnums also.

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Dude, your penis is going to fit into every condom on the rack, some better than others, just get use to it.

Magnum’s are pretty much a marketing gimmick. So don’t worry about it.

From an article in Details magazine:…08/02/post.html

Trying to draw a quantifiable link between penis size and the male psyche is a complicated endeavor, which is why scientific research is scant. But Trojan, manufacturer of Magnum-brand condoms, has been filling in the gaps—conducting studies to determine the psychology of its ostensibly more gifted clientele. “They claim to be very spontaneous and very assertive,” says Trojan's vice president of marketing, Jim Daniels.

But Daniels divulges a potentially devastating secret: The Magnum isn't any larger than Trojan's other condoms. Its comfortable fit is due to an innovative “baseball bat” shape. The length and circumference are identical to those of other lines. Only the XL variety is larger—by 30 percent—and that’s only required by about 6 percent of the male population. “You’ve got the image of the package—it’s premium; it’s gold foil,” Daniels says. “And what guy doesn’t want to think that he can handle a Magnum condom? There’s a certain machismo involved.”

P.S. Telling you to “go easy” with doggie style was a comment on your size.

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
As foryouprivacy said, any condom can fit over your arm, or even your head, easily. It’s just a matter of smaller condoms being a tighter, more constrictive fit.

Lots of women never comment on size.


I feel a noticeable difference in blood flow when wearing a regular condom vs. a magnum.

Regular condoms are tighter, restrict blood flow, squeeze the blood from the head of my penis, and generally keep me from getting to my maximum size.

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Originally Posted by Lonelysurfer
Dude, your penis is going to fit into every condom on the rack, some better than others, just get use to it.

I Co-sign.

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Originally Posted by baywatch

………..tells me to go easy doggy.

My question is….. “what the fuck are you worrying about?” She TOLD YOU to be CAREFUL doing doggy style, one of the deepest penetrative positions around. You took this as “Never once says anything about my size”?

I beg to differ here, brutha. She told you to take it easy because you have an unusually long AND thick dick.

Get over yourself here, and enjoy the fact that she noticed. The rest is in your head. (figuratively speaking, of course. ;) )

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Women don’t comment on size. I have slept with 3 different women in the last month and not one has mentioned size (it has been a good month ;) ). You expect a comment but nothing. Maybe this is a woman etiquette thing.

I agree.

I have bedded many women that never commented. However, some do drop the “big” or “pretty well-hung” comments.

The thing is, “pretty well-hung” sticks in my mind mind. I sort of grimaced. It was appropriate of her to say since I’m 7.7 x 5.6. It’s not a monster, but I still didn’t like hearing “PRETTY well-hung”.

I’m sure she sensed the mild discomfort and if she remembers the incident will probably tell herself:

“Dammit, these guys can’t take a compliment! From now on, I’m saying nothing!”

That’s my theory on why girls don’t comment. I think it’s a good idea too.

Of course, girls who really know how to rub the ole fragile male Ego are highly appreciated and seem to make my dick grow an extra 1/4 inch in all directions with well-placed comments.

Aha, we dudes are so fragile when it comes to our little buddies:)

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