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Why BPEL < BPFSL: One idea

Kristian69: Try to get some measurements to confirm this.

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Started: 2/03, Finished: 5/06, Total Gains: 1.375” BPEL 1.5” EG, Details: Progress after a year or longer off?

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This is a great thread. I too have increased my BPFSL, but my BPEL does not budge. I tried hanging, stretching, etc. My favorite routine which I’m sticking with is heated stretching, followed by jelqing, and then repeat one more time. When I do this consistently, it always feels like my erections are longer, as if they are one step away from an increased NBPEL gain, but then it is stuck at the same point on the ruler. I’m curious to see if this is an impending sign that no length gains are possible, or if one needs to do certain exercises to stimulate growth.

MX: Thanks for those links! Very interesting reading. I especially liked the description in the first:


Erectile tissue contains a specialized arrangement of arteries, shunts, and venous sinusoids within a matrix of connective tissue and smooth muscle, forming “a highly structured criss-crossing of interconnected fibers and spaces that are tensed as the cylinder expands during erection. This creates an internal strength and rigidity that is far greater than that possible in a hollow tube filled to equivalent pressure”

S&G: Wouldn’t it be great if we could actually answer some of these questions! How does one grow the internal tissues of the CCs? I have to think jelqing helps, for no other reason than that it forces the sinusoids to expand and relax. Traditional “girth” exercises may work as well, since they focus on getting more blood into the sinusoids and thus stretch them and perhaps induce them to grow as well.

I think an important question this thread is asking is whether the tunica is the all important structure we’ve thought it is. The mere fact that there can be such large differences between BPEL and BPFSL suggests it is not.

I hope you won’t mind my introducing a couple of terms into the PE vernacular: stretch positive and stretch negative. “Stretch positive” means BPFSL is greater than BPEL; “stretch negative” means BPEL is greater than BPFSL.

I wonder whether there’s a relationship between whether people are easy gainers and whether they’re stretch positive or stretch negative?

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There should not be such great differences between BPEL and BPFSL, an inch or more would be considered huge. However, the BPEL is such a bad metric and can be woefully abused, it is almost laughable how some measure this beast. It makes no sense to “bone press” anything unless its your gal.

In my way of thinking you should be able to exploit almost all of your BPFSL during an erection. One area that does not get much attention is the idea that you can build your erection to its optimal size. Another words, if you spring a boner in bed and are not satisfied with it, you can erase it and start again. Position of the body, relaxation factors and arousal factors play into your best “boner.” The areas of the chambers can be “packed with blood.” Achieving an erection slowly and jelqing through the process can give you better girth characteristics than allowing the penis to go on “automatic.”

An non-exercised penis vs. an exercised penis does not have this ability to morph into a larger size through “packing of the blood.” Sometimes during sex play I will excuse myself for a moment and go to the bathroom and take a deodorant container and “roll” my semi, this action expands tissues and girth increase is very evident. Sometimes its just fun to try and “dial-it” up a notch.

There will always be variations in erection quality. Blood characteristics and relaxation levels play the most critical parts in arriving at your optimal size. Activities that you participate in prior to sex play a big role; a sauna or steam can go along way in producing a glorious hard-on, sports that stimulate the oxygenation of blood or improve your mental state can give you incremental gains.


I don’t doubt that many guys measure bpel and bpfsl differently, and that measurement error may play into the difference we see. Perhaps we should suggest a standard before drawing conclusions based on data that may be wrong.

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Well first let me say in the new vernacular that I am stretch positive.My BPFSL is about 7.75 while my BPEL is 7.25.I am very happy about this a I was stuck at 7”BPEL for like 4 months.Modesto Man you never fail to amaze me with your undying thirst for answers to all our questions.Every time you make a new post I can hardly wait to read it.I have learned much from you my friend and I would like to say thank you.

I am indeed a frustrated scientist, and you are most welcome!

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Originally Posted by ModestoMan
Kristian69: Try to get some measurements to confirm this.

I was doing a little clamping today and decided to measure the difference in EL that I sometimes notice.

While clamped my penis was off course a lot thicker, But it was 0,5 cm shorter than the erection I had 20 minutes later without clamping. And the extra girth makes it look even shorter.

I have seen here that a lot of members report increased length while clamped, But mine gets shorter :(

Very interesting thread ModestoMan, I really enjoy reading your theories.

Do you think that clamping would help to decrease the FSL>EL difference?


As I’ve understood it from mbuc’s qoute of the Wikipedia (please enlighten me if I’ve misunderstood this) the CCs are surrounded by two layers of tunica, the outer being more taut (strong) in the lengthwise direction and the inner layer more taut in the girthwise direction. The difference was about 50% (or was it 100%?), the strong direction was 50% stronger than the weak direction for each layer. This is pretty much like a two-layer plywood.

Imagine a sponge (or elastic dishcloth, the yellow kind your wife has to dry the sink) - stretch it in one direction with force X and it will give distance Y. Now apply a crossdirectional tension before you stretch it in the same direction again (get your wife to hold the dishcloth and stretch it sideways while you stretch it up-down again) and you’ll probably find that the distance Y is a little bit shorter.

The way I think of this is that when we stretch lengthwise (hang, stretch) we primarily put the outer tunica to use, and it is stretched without restraints to its max. When you have an erection you are tossing the inner tunica into use and thus limiting the ability of the outer tunica to stretch lengthwise. By the same reasoning, the inner tunica will be prestressed and difficult to budge if you are erect, and that would explain why jelqs (semi-erect) and Orange bends work.

This idea I have does not conflict with the sinusoid theory, it might be a little of both. Comments?

regards, mgus

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Just a few ideas that may have already been discussed:
As far as the BPEL being shorter than the BPFSL, I think the CC’s could use some work. IMO, this is why you see reports of guys gaining length when clamping. I became alarmed sometime ago when I discovered my upper CC”s were right in with the glans, Pre NPE I recall they stopped way short of the glans.

Do your jelqs, no matter how much the ligs are stretched if the chambers aren’t up to par, it won’t show up with an erection. So IMO, if your BPEL is shorter then do some expansion like exercises(Ulis, squeeze jelqs, regular jelqs, etc.)

Damn deadlines, damn it. I’m in all-nighter mode until Friday. I hope you guys will keep this thread going.

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I think that your theory might be correct, I complained earlier in this thread about my big difference in FSL vs EL, Well the gap is closing in now, I have gained almost 1 cm in EL since that post with no difference in FSL.

I will give you the details from my PE log and see if this will help you further with your theory.

Now this is what I did to close the gap:

Week 1

20 hours extender, 7 hours hanging, 2 X 2-300 jelqs.

Week 2

22,5 hours extender, 1,5 hours hanging, 12 X 10 min clamp, 2 x 10 min pump.

Week 3

6 hours extender, 28 x 10 min clamp.

Week 4

16 hours extender, 2 hours hanging, 12 x 10 min clamp.

Week 5

Day one: 2,5 hours extender, 0,5 hours hanging.

Day two: 3.5 hours extender, 1 hour hanging. This evening the EL gain was showing, I have measured every day since and the gain is still there, So I am a happy PEer again :)

I hope that this info is helpful for your theory, And also my clamped length is now the same as my EL.

Very interesting, K69. Your experience is certainly consistent with the theory. Did your EG grow at all during this time?

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Actually I don`t mesure EG very often, But I feel that EG has not changed while erect, But the expansion in girth While clamped has really changed.

When I started clamping I only got a little expansion, Now it expands a lot.


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