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Why are dicks curved?

Why are dicks curved?

From what I´ve learned, most penises are curved, some more, some less. That´s just how the majority of men are born. My simple question is: Why are our dicks curved?


so that when our partners get up in the morning and insist on scrambling over us to get out of bed, the morning wood is deflected toward the body to avoid injury. If it stuck up straight it’d be like punching a nail with a hammer. Just a theory ;)


yeah, that is one of the practical aspects of it. :-) But I was wondering about the reasons for the curve…Does the penis curve because of some genetic asymmetry in the ligs? The tunica? The chambers?


I would say better for penetration, more a ryhthmic sliding motion is easier..

anyway I think the first idea yes

Dunno that this is the reason, but as I understand a female’s anatomy, in the man-on-top position, the natural penis curvature places the glans (head) in the most likely position to stimulate her sexually…


Curvaceous Dicks

I think that the question was aimed also at the right or left curvers— for which I believe— that at least for relatively small curves is just the result of slightly differing capacities to engorge— on the left and right chambers. it doesn’t take much difference here to give a few degrees curvature.

I used to curve to the quite noticeably to the left, but jelquing 25 years ago for a few months —-when I first heard about it—has me very straight left to right.

Many dicks also curve down rather than up. Mine is one of these. In order to get a correct length measure I have to pull the knob and last inch or so of shaft up to hit the ruler.

Jelquing has not affected this, because of the way the three chambers are arranged, I guess.

Downwards bending dicks are much easier to deep throat.

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yeah, I was aiming for all kind of curves. Mine is a bit to the left and downwards, nothing extreme, just a bit. Hmm, different chamber capacity…Interesting.


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