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Why 8x6"?


Why 8x6"?

I’m just wondering why most of guys are looking for that measurement and not for another? Is there a reason? Is there a standart size to reach for pe’ing guys?

I think that size officially puts you in the ‘huge’ category. Everyone seems to want that goal though, its true.


Yep very true,

personally my first goal is 9x6 or so. After that a little more then I’m done. I would agree its probably because once you hit 8x6 you are substially bigger then average.

Why 8x6?

OK how about 7.99x5.99? :chuckle:

Seriously…It just seems to be the consensus among guys for the peak of the bell curve as far as size goes.

In other words…Its just that many guys feel that this is the perfect size whereby they will able to achieve the maximum benefit in terms of giving sexual pleasure and accommodating the largest range of women.

Any larger than this size will in most instances place you on the other end of the bell curve and you begin to have a problem for being too long in length and too thick in girth.

Naturally the exceptions for that particular size would be special situations whereby the guys are building a unit that is specifically tailored to meet the needs/wants of one woman (wife/long term partner)

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I think that 8x6 is a maximal size that can be handled by just about any woman. getting to 10x7 might look great, but you may have trouble finding partners esp for oral and anal.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Yep you are right and often, the dildos are sized 8x6 and you don’t like her to have a biggerone in the bathroom do you? :D

Restarting everything.


As I claimed earlier in one of my posts, it is optimal from many points of view.

Soon to be 9''.

I also think that 8x6 looks huge to the eye. When I did my surveys on average size and illusions 8x6 always left me thinking it was bigger until I measured it. 8x6 will get the job done with visuals and feeling.

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Imagine that everyone here achieve his 8x6” goal, it’s going to be a little common, just a new kind of average :leftie: and i really don’t want to be on average. 9x7” or 10x8” seems to be a good goal :chuckle: I really prefer to be at the end of the bell curve :D ( i think that a lot of women can adapt themself to handle this type of magical wand :) )



That’s why my goal changed when I reached 8x6 I though 9x7 would be better. And also if I reach 9x7 and stopped and I did have some lost size even if I went down to 8x6 which I doubt, I would still be ok with that size.


Damn, you guys speak of these measurements like they’re easy to get!

Yeah, I wanted 8x6 too… time went on… “Eh, 7x5.5 would be nice”….time goes on….the standards go lower.

Even that latter measurement seems like a far away dream to me, and that still ain’t big enough.

Becoming.... Godsize

My goal is 9X6. It used to be 8X6, but right now Im around 8” (7.8”) and I’ve decided its not as big as I want it. It more a a visual thing for me. Im 6’5” so 8” doesnt look big on me, so Im going for 9”.

Now: 8.5" bpel 6" eg Goal: 9.5" nbpel 6" eg (maybe more)


If you think that this goal could be achieve than you will achieve them. Nothing else to say, just be confident :D


Popp , Just out of curiosity what did you start at and what was your routine to get your gains?

10x7 here. currently at 8.5x6.25.


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