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Why 8x6"?

Ever notice how, if you take your finger and place it right on the tip of your penis, even while maintaing the hardest of erections, you can press it in quite easily by about at least half an inch?

I would imagine that first half inch, she isn’t feeling too much of when your all the way in her,
it’s when it gets compressed a bit and hits the harder tissue of the penis, that she would begin to feel it,
and this is of course you hit her innermost depths.

Just food for thought.

As a gay guy who hasn’t given or received anal for years, the comfort thing is immaterial. For me huge starts at over 9 long and over 7 circumference. Between 7x5 and 9x7 is big to me but not huge. My main attractions are visual - does it look big on the guy; weight - does it feel decently heavy for both the hung guy and his buddy; hand feel - I can’t close my fingers around it and it has some heft; exhibitionism - I like to show bulge.

For gay men who do receive anal, comfort would be an issue. At a certain length the cock bangs against the prostate. That can hurt after a long session. A shorter or longer cock will avoid this. Most men can eventually stretch themselves to receive a large girth.

Oral can be a problem for everyone. If it’s important to receive oral, then being huge could be a problem since finding a deep throat or wide receiver who is also compatible can be tough.

As for my own goals, I chose to keep them modest. If I have success I may increase my goals. If nothing happens I won’t be disappointed since my size is actually fine with my height. I’m just greedy and want more. I love to play with huge guys and that can satisfy me most of the time. However, many (most?) huge guys want a playmate like them. That makes it harder for an average guy like me to connect.

So, while 8x6 may be an attractive goal for many, 9x7 would be my goal if I had more to work with.

Gay 5'4" 150 lbs 5.5 x 5


Have you been able to determine the maximum thickness for women?— 6, 6 1/2, or 7 G best for a guy to rock most women’s world to the max during intercourse?

I remember reading the dildo size that is most sold is the 8x6, on this site. Maybe someone could do some more research on the most popular size of fake dick bought.

Curious…since you are gay or have been? (Wondering how that works if you haven’t given or receieved anal for years)
Have you found many guys with what you knew for a fact was 7” girth?

I just have never seen any personally and wonder if that’s a realistic goal or not. Have you ever seen larger than 7” girth as well?

If 8X6 is the most popular dildo size what portion is actually used ? 6.5” length (I’ll assume the girth is standard unless they’re putting it in side on ;) ) Surely that can be taken into consideration.


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Gay 5'4" 150 lbs 5.5 x 5


Care to elaborate? Don’t hurt your fingers or anything, but perhaps you may want to move up to words
then entire sentences:)

Originally posted by EZ Rider
Curious…since you are gay or have been? (Wondering how that works if you haven't given or received anal for years)
Have you found many guys with what you knew for a fact was 7” girth?

I just have never seen any personally and wonder if that's a realistic goal or not. Have you ever seen larger than 7” girth as well?

EZ Rider:

Being gay doesn’t require anal sex at all. It is my both my affectional orientation and my sexual orientation. I prefer to have sex with men and always have. My main sexual activity is mutual jack off. Oral can also be satisfying. So can simply cuddling. In fact, there are many sexual activities that can be fulfilling without penetration or thrusting.

I gave up anal sex when I suspected I was poz in 1981, though I didn’t get confirmation of my infection until 1987. I didn’t want to infect anyone though and, as far as I know, I haven’t. Anal sex also never rocked my boat whereas jack off did. I realize, however, that anal sex is important to many people sexually, just not me.

I have only encountered a real, natural 7” girth probably twice, at most three times. I have played with a siliconed friend who is probably 9” girth and it was really fun. Most of the time mine is the largest cock at just less than 7x6. If it isn’t larger it isn’t much smaller.

Either the big guys are rare or they don’t want to play with the smaller guys. I really don’t know. I’ve been sexually active for over 34 years and happily promiscuous so you would think I would have encountered more huge cocks. I get jealous and disappointed (tragic character flaw) when friends tell me about all the huge guys they’ve been with. Perhaps they’re fibbing, perhaps not. I feel better if I think they’re bragging.

As for a goal of 7” girth, I believe it depends on your starting size and what some here call your reserve. I’m just aiming for a 3/4” cemented girth increase and a 1/4” cemented length increase. That might be a too much. Ask me two years from now. Heck, to be honest, it is probably fine just as it is. I’m just greedy.

Gay 5'4" 150 lbs 5.5 x 5

Very informative, thank you, and just what I thought as well, 7” being pretty much the max on girth.


About depth, I’ve seen a few porn clips where the guy looked to be perhaps 10 inches and went all the way into the woman. Also, secjay recently posted that his girlfriend has lately taken all of his 9 3/4 and he didn’t feel bottom. She hadn’t been able to do this in the past.

Girth matters more than length (as long as your over about 6) from the woman i have talked too.

Beenthere, I’ve been scouring the net for more information on vaginal depth. It is very tough to come by. I have joined for the month of January. I had been a member there in the past and had obtained information from them about vaginal depth in both the relaxed and “maximum aroused stretched state”. I lost those pages that I printed and had to join again to get the information once again.

I have tried to find the source of thier information this time. They are not explaining how they got the info this time. Last time they stated that they got the info from online forms, but now they are just offering more forms and are not stating where they obtain their current information.

The results are of a study that contained 4081 female participants. I’ve seen such a study mentioned with the same number of female participants. I truly believe that Dickenson or Masters & Johnson are the source. They just developed and displayed their own graphs and copy righted them. As soon as I learn more about the source of the studies results I will post them. I am considering writing a thread.

Just so i don’t leave you hanging, 90% of women measure between 7-10cm in the relaxed state. That is from the remnants of the hymen to the deepest point of the posterior fornix (the end of the back wall). Also, 60% of women have maximum aroused stretched depths in the range of 11-13cm with the magority of them falling in the 12-13 cm range. The graphs show a curve just like penis size charts do with the largest majority of women falling in the sizes that are mentioned above. Nevertheless, when looking at the other sizes on the graph, slightly more participants fell in the above average sizes than in the below average sizes.

The participants ages ranged from 15-65.

Also, just for extra info I’ve found it mentioned by more than one site that the vagina’s depth increases only an average of 20% when it tents and the cervix rises up during arousal. I’m sure there is a range of 15-25% for that one. Then still the soft end of the vagina will give another bit under pressure. So that’s where all the length goes. We still have our fat pads and their vulvas to account for to.

Till next time…..

Oh, and I would rather push a girth in the 7” range. I would not miss oral very much if that size were to make me too large for it.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

This is my first post here, but I’ve always been curious about something.

Does the depth of the vagina vary on the girth of what’s being inserted? I would think it would, but have never really seen anything stating this.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

muttley, I have heard this mentioned before on a website that was about large insertions. I think that girth affects depth only at huge girths of over 8” or so. You could imagine how the legth of a sock would change if you stuffed a really thick object into it versus puting something of average thickness into it. In the end it will only effect the depth no more than an inch or so.

Another site I found with an older couple into large insertions mentioned something similiar. The guy stated that he could fist his wife a bit deeper after stretching her really wide with amazings girths. I’m guessing that after the walls were slacked a bit by some huge girths that a narrower girth used up a bit of that slack in the way of depth instead. This probably happens in a noticable only in really large vaginas. We’ve got much to learn.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.


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