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Whoo hoo!! and... DOH!!!

Whoo hoo!! and... DOH!!!

Well I guess I’m as happy as an upset man can be if that makes any sense.

I had some workout time for about a week before some stuff hapened and I had to move in with my gf’s mom while we got our house built. Obviously it would be difficult to find time for sessions, but I soon found some time to do my routine (as shown below). Great news is that after a week of doing it, I found I gained about .3 in length to 6.3. I measured and measured and sure enough it’s there, there’s no denying it. Only problem is that I’m trying to gain GIRTH not length! My gf let it slip that I should “do my exercises”. We like to experiment and I made the mistake of buying her a dildo that was a little bigger than me (7x5) and she really enjoyed the extra girth and prodded me to buy a vibrator since the one I bought her after our daughter broke since it wasn’t waterproof. We picked one up and when I measured it it turns out to start at 4.5 at the very tip and move on to about 5.75 at the base.

I could deal with 7x5 since at 6.3 now she can’t sit on top of mewithout bending over a bit to accomodate, and a gain of .5 was within reach - but now realizing that with the new toy she’ll be used to a little more than means my goal of 6 is one that I REALLY want to reach to be something she’d be more than happy to put a vibrating toy aside for. We picked up this funky looking french tickler and I measured it and it turns out to give me a .5 gain (which she told me she REALLY enjoyed) so I can buy some time but I’m REALLY trying to find a way to gain some girth now that I’ve reached a length I’d be ok with stopping at.

That said….

Can anyone suggest something for PURE girth concentration? I want to do horse squeezes since they seem to be working for some on the board, but at only 1 week in I started feeling my undershaft get sore so I’ve been laying off this week for the past 4 days. I don’t want to start advanced techniques and risk injuring myself since I think I’m going to start again on Saturday since I’m feeling better - no use really breaking it :eek:

Here’s my current routine:
stretch Up, Down, Left, Right and Out for 20 seconds each.

5 mins warm wrap (usually pour very warm water on it and then cup it with a cup of warm water and press against stomach to make a semi-seal)

Since I do a 5/2 schedule I use the PowerJelq for the first 3 days since it feels like it pulls more and can get more blood in the shaft, and then I use my hands for the next 2 days. I do 100 jelqs with whatever method I’m using that day. I usually do 3-4 second pulls

get off the side of the tub and take a shower letting the stream focus mainly on my crotch for a warm-down.


It’s been great and she’s definitely seen the length growth, but at this point, it sucks knowing that aside from the closeness, a toy feels better than me sometimes. Can you guys recommend a good routine to help some girth gains? Like I said I’d been doing this for a week straight after about a 3 week lapse where I quit after one week and so I guess this would really constitute my second week actually doing it regularly. I hear everyone mention that some of the better methods should be used by someone witha couple months of experience, so in that case what should I do in the meantime? Keep up my routine until I’ve been doing it for a month or two and then try?

Because my gf has had some after baby issues (btw, she hasn’t stretched from the baby in case anyone’s wondering) she hasn’t been able to have sex and I’ve been pulling the pork like crazy so I’m not sure if that further hurt my precious gland. I couldn’t see any physical signs of injury but just received a feeling that it was sore down there and everyone here says it’s best to just listen and let your unit tell you how it feels (I feel it should gain some weight but that’s just me :D ).

Sorry for the novel, just excited at the length gains since I’d love to be 7+, but I’d cut an inch off if I could add it around the shaft at this point :/

I think I’ve tried uli’s, is that where you squeeze at the base and after a second or two add another finger and then another finger so you have 3 fingers squeezing around the base? This seems to make the head a little bigger and squeeze blood to the top of the shaft but wasn’t sure if this was actually a uli #3 as I see that as a tactic some use.

Please explain what you’re doing if you could, I’m new but have been reading a bit so the names are in my mind but what you’re ACTUALLY DOING is where I’m kinda confused.

Appreciate any feedback :)



Relax Bro, give it some time and the girth will come. And congrads on the gains. Start working up to more squeezes when you feel the dick can take it at a more erect state. Dont hurt yourself think long term.


I’m not sure why you should worry aout competing with a dildo or vibrator. technology can certainly make a bigger dildo or a better vibrator but trust me on this She prefers you to the toys. Would she like you to have more girth all things being equal? Probably so. So work on it but why not let her have an occaisional go with a really big one 8x6 lets say? Why not let her have her fun? She won’t prefer it to you. Listen, suppose she bought you a super tight vibrating pussy Would you send her packing because of the orgasms you can get with that thing?

I don’t think so and she won’t “prefer” the piece of plastic to you.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Well i have no qualms about letting her have her fun - that’s why we got the toys, for her. I have fun playing with them since it’s like a blowjob for me, she sits back in the tub and gets an O and then works on finishing me, it was just more of a jealousy thing since the new one was bigger than I thought…

I don’t understand the uli squeeze though - can somenoe explain it? I read the faq, searched for it and to me it seems like a hand jelq except you stop half way and then wait for a second or so and then move forward a bit and squeeze for a few seconds then move forward again? I’m just not reading it right and every question on it refers back to uli’s def of it :(

Can anyone elaborate?


<I think I’ve tried uli’s, is that where you squeeze at the base and after a second or two add another finger and then another finger so you have 3 fingers squeezing around the base? >

I think I’m doing Uli’s, too. But maybe I’m doing something I invented.
I’ve read the Uli descriptions many times. I’ve even stood here at the computer doing them while I read the instructions on the screen. :-) But I’m not sure I’m really doing Ulis.
What we need is for some brave member who really knows how to do them to make a short video for us. Of all the routines and techniques described at this site, this is easily the most confusing, yet it is one of the most popular ones for girth, however we’re doing it.




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