Who Stays Like That?

I was pondering some things lately and I was wondering this question

What Percentage of the day do you stay in an extended day?

What are your gains?

How do you stay in the extended state? (i.e. ADS, Traction, Weights)

I was thinking that if you jelqed in the morning, then stayed in a elongated state for the 50%-100% of the rest of the day. You would “heal” in the elongated state, thus permanenting gains faster. Which we can all, I think, agree on is one of the things we are trying to achieve now since we all know HOW to do this.

This isn’t a new idea, I ripped it off of lil1’s idea, (or maybe it was someone else? Maybe Bib? I don’t know…) and just trying to dig deeper into the concept.

I think I’m gonna go hardcore on this idea, and I’ll keep you guys updated.


NBP: 7.75”
EG: 5.3~5.5”
LOT: 8 or 4, depending on which way you are to look at it.

Twist and Turn
and just quite frankly put, beat the living sh*t outta my dick for 15-30 mins


But on an ADS or Therawrap, depending on weather or not I work.
(Approx. ADS 2-3 times a week and Therawrap the rest.)

Wear until anywhere between 7-9 p.m. EST.

Stretch for an 30-60 mins (Maybe jelq?)

Let the guy rest (and grow!) while I sleep.


Now we all know, nobody’s perfect, and I will most likely slip up here and there, so I’m gonna put a post up in the “Progress Reports/Personal Routines” Section.

(P.S. If you know a way to stop that “burn” kind of sensation caused by turned skin in a wrap, please post it. Thanks”

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