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who made big gains WITHOUT decon breaks?


The “snlge” error could easily be a typo. “id” is indicative of not even trying because you fucked up the capital in addition to excluding the apostrophe.

I would like some gains at all.

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- Leighann Lord

Originally Posted by Jungalist
The isometrics sound scary, id be worried I would permanently damage my erection sngle. Who knows, hmm…

No it won’t. I have been doing it for 5 months now and my erection angle is still the same as with my pre PE penis. There are guys with a angle like me that points skywards, their angle doesn’t get different when they fuck in for instance doggystyle doesn’t it.

I only take a break when it just feels like jelqing isn’t doing anything.

This last time I PE’d for about a week before it started to feel like that.

I’m taking a break for a few days before starting up again:) .

I started gaining serious girth when I stopped the days off.

I have been going for about four months now without a break and am closing in on an inch of length gains. Things have slowed down so I might try my first break.


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