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Who loves Fowfers?!?

Who loves Fowfers?!?

I am going to give these a whirl for FLACCID gains in length. Is there a time limit to how long I should sit on the old one-eye, though??

Personally, I fowfer for 15 minute sets! Afterwards, I get up, shake him around a bit, because I feel somewhat slightly “numbed”, get the circulation going, and proceed to do another fowfer session. What a great name, eh?

Fowfers can be done with a weak erection, I believe, like 20%, or just completely flaccid.

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

I do them between sets of stretches. I set them up and sit on it for 10-15 min. I think all stretches are maximally profitable on a completely flaccid dick, however some profit can be gained on very low level erections (<20%).

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I’ve just started doing fowfers about 4 days ago, I usually do about a 30 minute set each day, possibly two. Does anybody know how long it should take before i notice a difference in flacid length? I’ve heard it comes somewhat quick. Any help would be appreciated.

Going for 9

I do them about 1hr a day. Be sure to get blood flowing again every 10 minutes or so.(and for the love of good make sure your ass is clean i did “it” for the second time this morning!!!).

Be aware even though it does give you a nice flaccid with time you are also stretching the skin a bit to.

Ps I will be posting a seperate post at some point describing the fact that
i now have what looks like a pumpers dick. (nicley bronzed puffy skin The veins are there but thats from other things) even at half erection i can pull the extra skin over my head and when complete flaccid i can pull like 2 inches over my head lol.

I also dont think there is a way around it not that its that bad. Just more to grow into.

I do them while watching TV or browsing this forum. Usually about 10 minutes at a time. I don’t get real fancy, just pull my dick straight back through my ass crack and sit. Within a week or so I noticed an increase in flaccid length. I am not sure what the exact increase has been, I have never really done flaccid measurements. It simply looks longer, hangs better and I can feel it in my pants all day.


I’m always afraid i’m not doing them right, At times it feels like there isin’t as much of a pull as there should be. But I have noticed (somewhat) of a difference after about a week. hopefully after a month i will see more.

Going for 9

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